9 Sales Playbook Examples Made from PDFs to Train Top Salesperson

As deals are becoming harder to clinch, are you struggling to supercharge your sales team? The best way to efficiently boost more leads and business is to have a roadmap for your sales reps to follow. This is where a sales playbook comes into play. With a sales playbook, your sales reps know exactly what to do during the selling process, no matter in which situation they are. In this article, we will introduce the sales playbook and go over 9 amazing sales playbook examples made from PDFs. Let’s get started right away!

What Is a Sales Playbook?

A sales playbook is an easy-to-read manual that contains best practices, tactics, and strategies for your sales team. From prospecting a lead to closing a deal, it serves as a comprehensive guide that outlines what a sales rep should do at every stage of the selling process. A well-structured sales playbook will be a secret weapon for your sales team. Not only does it help you onboard new reps faster, but also enhances your team’s abilities and performance. As your sales reps follow the best practices included in the playbook, you can get everyone on the same page, thereby speeding up workflow to win over more customers.

What Should Go into a Sales Playbook?

No matter what industry or business you are working for, there are some essential elements that are included in most playbooks.

1. Company Information

Incorporate an overview of your company to offer sales reps a clear picture of your business, company mission statement, and culture. Then give detailed information about your sales team to explain how the team is constructed, who manages the team, what their role involves, and so on.

2. Sales Plays

Sales plays are a set of steps and instructions for sales reps to follow a specific situation or scenario. Here are some examples that you can integrate into your sales playbook according to your needs.

  • Prospect potential leads
  • Identify highly-qualified leads
  • Demo specific products or services
  • Follow up with leads

3. Products and Services

Each sales rep should stick all aspects of products and services in their minds. List price points, use cases, value offerings, target customers, and other important information to empower your sales team with expert insights for answering any questions of potential customers effectively.

4. Sales Process

The sales process encompasses all actions a sales rep undertakes from first touch to deal closure. In this section, you need to explain the process thoroughly so that sales reps have an in-depth understanding of the steps necessary for achieving success.

5. KPIs

KPIs define the goals that your sales team should achieve and outline how to evaluate the performance of sales reps. Include all related metrics, like average deal size and the number of qualified leads, in the sales playbook to clarify the roles and responsibilities of your sales reps.

6. Customer Personas: Lead Qualification Criteria

Outline buyer personas to provide your sales reps with a framework that helps identify and target the most qualified leads. This facilitates them to close more deals as quickly as possible.

7. Sales Enablement Materials

To support your sales team with their work, you need to equip them with plentiful and helpful sales enablement materials. So this section is an integral part of a sales playbook. Organize related resources to level up the skills of sales reps.

9 Sales Playbook Examples Created from PDFs

1. LinkedIn Deep Sales Playbook

The sales playbook example PDF from LinkedIn focuses primarily on B2B selling to provide new tips and best sales practices. To address the challenge of B2B sales reps, it points out a proven approach — deep sales, which guides them to more successful outcomes. This playbook includes a bunch of clickable hyperlinks, enabling the audience to access detailed information with just one click. Repurposed with Flip PDF Plus Pro, the digital sales playbook features page-turning animation effects and sound, keeping the audience hooked.

2. Walmart Marketplace Playbook

Walmart is one of the world’s largest retail corporations. The purpose of this sales playbook example PDF is to offer sales reps clear instructions on growing to new heights and connecting with customers efficiently. The design incorporates a dominant blue color scheme, matching Walmart’s most recognizable brand palette. With Flip PDF Plus Pro, you can customize every aspect of the toolbar to align with your company’s unique style in a breeze.

3. ZoomInfo Sales Playbook

ZoomInfo is a versatile platform that makes contact information and company profiles accessible to users. The sales playbook example PDF introduces the sales team to pipeline plays which is an art of sales. It gives a complete explanation of the four stages of the selling process, giving step-by-step guidance to sales reps. Compared with the traditional PDF format, the digital sales playbook crafted with Flip PDF Plus Pro can be displayed in thumbnail, making it easier to look at all pages and faster to navigate specific sections.

4. Clari Revenue Cadence Playbook

Clari is an AI-driven revenue platform that helps users run revenue effortlessly. The digital sales playbook example stands out with its meticulously designed background with Flip PDF Plus Pro, contributing to a better reading experience. It adds dozens of charts to illustrate important information, such as sales strategies, key metrics, and funnel analytics, providing sales reps with a digestible approach to understanding the content.

5. Skaled Sales Playbook

Skaled specializes in equipping its users with the expertise and support to optimize their sales strategies. Mainly in black and white design, the sales playbook example PDF encompasses various pie charts to demonstrate Skaled’s insights into sales methodologies. A large amount of data is included in the sales playbook, which is a straightforward way to specify the goals of sales reps.

6. AIG Multinational Sales Playbook

American International Group, also known as AIG, is a leading multinational finance and insurance corporation. Its sales playbook example PDF starts with an overview of the company’s multinational culture, enabling the sales team to get a clear picture of its value and mission. Several videos are integrated into the book, ensuring useful sales enablement materials at the fingertips of sales reps. One of its significant features is a myriad of icon buttons. By clicking on a button, the audience can smoothly navigate to another page within the digital sales playbook, enabling effortless one-click access to specific content. Flip PDF Plus Pro makes this possible through its interaction feature.

7. Workshop Digital Marketing Playbook

Based in Richmond, Virginia, Workshop Digital stands as a prominent digital marketing agency. The sales playbook example PDF commences with a manufacturing market overview and then proceeds the sales process. Two case studies are incorporated to assist sales reps in learning more about what should they do in different situations, thereby honing their skills.

8. Ingram Micro SMB Sales Playbook

Ingram Micro is one of the largest distributors of computer and technology products in the world. With the thought that small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) have vast potential, it creates this sales playbook example PDF, which is designed to support sales reps in prospecting SMB customers and maximizing sales opportunities.

9. Dormie Workshop Sales Playbook

Dormie Workshop is a premium handmade leather golf headcover provider. Its sales playbook example PDF is intended for field sales reps to prospect potential buyers and improve their sales performance. It utilizes a process map to illustrate the 5 steps of the sales process in a legible manner. The FAQ section addresses common customer queries with corresponding answers, ensuring sales reps are fully prepared and able to identify customer needs quickly. With Flip PDF Plus Pro, the digital sales playbook transcends traditional PDF format and becomes a valuable resource for the development of the sales team.

Create a Digital Sales Playbook

With a killer sales playbook, everyone involved in the sales process gets the upper hand in different situations. Having delved into the 9 sales playbook example PDFs mentioned above, do you feel inspired? Before creating your sales playbook, let’s take a look at Flip PDF Plus Pro. This robust tool supports you in crafting, publishing, and sharing interactive digital sales playbooks with ease, even though you don’t have any design experience or skills. Give it a go and give a competitive edge to your sales team with sales playbooks.

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