Getting the most out of your content marketing efforts

“According to Google, content is still king.” – Every Marketer According to Google? How about according to your audience! People coming to your web properties are coming to first take a sample of your content and if they enjoy the taste, devour as much as you can offer. It is imperative that you make the […]

Improved reading experiences: Providing multilingual options for digital publications

As society continues to become more connected digitally, globalization seems an inevitability. With people of different regions getting connected, communication becomes a greater challenge and paths to global communication becomes vital. Understanding your customers will give you a clear idea of what they need, and how you can cater to their needs. But first, in […]

Secure content in the new digital era – content protection via flipbooks.

As the consumption of media becomes ever increasingly mobile, it is clear that traditional methods of sharing content are starting to lose their power. It is amazing to think in just 20 years we have gone from being concerned about emailing people any type of content, especially files to finding it passe to have to […]

Content sharing on social networks

When you develop a flip book, ask yourself what is your ultimate goal? Now unless your answer is truly uncommon, the objective at some point is to share content with others. Most of us are trying to share content with potential customers or fans. With the uprising of social networks and the blogosphere, it seems […]

Planning content – layouts and visuals for flipbooks

Creating an eBook is more than just a challenge of writing great content. Making that content visually appealing is an important part of getting your message across and showing your level of professionalism. Today’s reader is looking for more than words. Mass media has reverted consumers back to the image driven tales of our youth. […]

Using a great flip book to get more followers

From the beginning of the wondrous world of internet marketing the pioneers have trumpeted the value of sharing great content via eBooks. As the blogging world began to prosper, the quality of the content offered, the lessons set forth has to get sharper and more attractive to prospective readers. Then, everything turned up on its […]

Why showcasing flipbooks is better than just sharing PDF files

You get immersed in a budding technology and assume that the buzz creates awareness. That is why I was shocked the other day when a good friend of mine responded to a tweet about our flippingbook conversion technology, Flipbuilder Flip PDF Pro, by asking, “Why would I go to the trouble of creating a flipbook […]

Guest post: Should Each Franchise Have Its Own Social Media Strategy?

Should Each Franchise Have Its Own Social Media Strategy? Owning franchises can be tricky because you have different locations to manage, several different teams of workers to train and keep  up to speed, and many managers who all try to work together and improve the company. Social media, however, has added a new level of […]

Adding videos to websites and digital publications.

  In today’s get it now social webofrantic business work, video has fast become a standard home page feature for most business websites. It is not suprise since while studies range, it is clear that people spend at least three times as much time on websites that have videos than those that don’t. At Flipbuilder, […]