Using eBook marketing to promote new ideas in the New Year

If you are a small business owner, a one person consultancy or the marketing arm of a larger company, the early part of January is the time to reflect. It is time to review what worked and did not work last year. Time as Steve Covey loved to say, “to sharpen the saw,” But what does this […]

Broadcasting your flip page eBook through social channels

In today’s online socialverse, it is obvious to anyone and everyone that you want to find ways to build your reach on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. While these are not merely obvious but important places to put your energy, it is equally important to look at some lesser know but equally as valuable sources for […]

Building a following through content – strategic eBook marketing

The beauty of developing good content and packaging it in a way that is appealing to readers is it becomes a valuable asset in building a brand. Especially if you are trying to build a following across social networks like twitter and LinkedIn. It is much easier to engage with potential customers or followers by […]

Business eBook best practices, not the easiest thing to uncover

When you do a Google search, you get some basic tips on well things that any writer should know. The top articles on the subject suggest you pick a compelling topic (duh), write clearly (really?) and that you make sure to engage your readers (ok!). While this is all good if not painstakingly obvious advice […]