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When you develop a flip book, ask yourself what is your ultimate goal?

Flipbook marketing

Now unless your answer is truly uncommon, the objective at some point is to share content with others. Most of us are trying to share content with potential customers or fans. With the uprising of social networks and the blogosphere, it seems (as everyone is always telling us) it is easier than ever to build an audience.?Well now that millions of people have a voice, there is a lot of noise out there and tons of people vying for everyone’s online time.

So how do you cut through the noise?

Obviously the first step is creating great content and making it attractive. This will greatly increase the odds of people that read your content opting to share that content with others. This solves the problem of potential virality as you can get people to share with other people, but how do you get the small rock rolling down the snowy mountain?

The first step in getting lots of flip book viewers is getting the right people to view your content. The right people are voices in your industry or community that have a large group of followers that pay attention to what they say. These people are usually referred to as champions or evangelists. You can find them by doing a search for ‘influential?people in (YOUR INDUSTRY)’ or searching #KEYWORDS on twitter. These people will come up and usually you can find their twitter address or email address pretty easily. Once you have that, make contact and ask them to give ?you feedback on your work. If they like it, ask them to share it.

If only a couple of these prolific social stars post about you, WHAM, some small amount of fame will come your way. Then you just ave to continue being amazing.




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