Improved reading experiences: Providing multilingual options for digital publications

As society continues to become more connected digitally, globalization seems an inevitability. With people of different regions getting connected, communication becomes a greater challenge and paths to global communication becomes vital. Understanding your customers will give you a clear idea of what they need, and how you can cater to their needs. But first, in an effort to understand them, you need to communicate in their language. How can you expect someone doesn’t understand French to read a French eBook?


Similarly, you can’t expect people who do not read English to use the tool with an English interface. Maybe they will stumble through, but this causes great pain in the user experience. Some companies try and solve this problem by offering different versions of their tool in different languages. This can be inconvenient because if you need an English version rather than a German one, you have to download again. That takes time and resources. For example, you have a German version of Adobe Reader in hand; however someone on your team does not speak German. They need it in English. It becomes a challenge for them to follow the UI of your PDF. They struggle to comprehend what each button or setting can do.


multiple languages
Communication in different languages

We have outlined a problem. So what is the solution?


Providing tools that offer a multi-language option within one interface. Our PDF to page flip software is a good example. With Flip PDF you can create flash flip books with multiple switchable languages. You can add English, Chinese, French, German and many other languages. Your readers can switch to the preferred language with a simple click. This removes any inconvenience caused by a potential language barrier.


This is another reason converting PDFs to flip books is a great idea. You cannot only make your PDF more attractive and lively, but with the language-switchable option, you can improve the reading experience greatly.


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