The Flipbook contest has two weeks remaining

Do you want $300 in Flipbuilder products just for showing us your skills? Well there are 17 contestants and 2 weeks left. Go to the Flipbuilder Facebook page and check them out!


Send us a note and we will instruct you on how to submit your own. ?How you ask? Here are the details:

Contest: Win a $300 credit good for any Flipbuilder software package.
Send your flipbook examples created by our page flip software, and we will post the flipbooks on our Facebook page. Fans can vote for the flipbook by liking it. The author who gets the most Likes will win $300 in Flipbuilder products .

This contest will last until 30th April. To enter, please send us a message at before April 30th, nut hurry. The sooner you get it up there, the sooner you can start getting votes.





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