Planning content – layouts and visuals for flipbooks

flipbook9 Creating an eBook is more than just a challenge of writing great content. Making that content visually appealing is an important part of getting your message across and showing your level of professionalism. Today’s reader is looking for more than words. Mass media has reverted consumers back to the image driven tales of our youth. The best written eBook has almost no value if the reader is not enticed or dazzled by imagery.

Most people that publish eBooks already know this. They have brought on graphic designers to make images and infographics, web designers to work on layouts and get extremely savvy with creative layouts. Then along comes Flipbuilder?and our counterparts with a new way of doing things and suddenly a set of skills and application were no longer as relevant as they once were. Designing an eBook is no longer like designing the layout of a magazine or a print publications, but more like putting together a modern website. With the ability to make flipbooks full of embedded movies, photo galleries, audio the game has changed once again. To deliver a flipbook embedded in a moving template and with so many moving pieces means we need to think now more like directors and less like book publishers.

What the modern eBook developer need concern themselves with (and yes today it is more a developer with writing skills than an author with design skills that drives content) are the same things a movie producer is looking at.

Does the journey work?

Do the viewers/readers want to stay on the journey?

Do they want a sequel?

If you can get a ‘Yes’ to all three, you should get ready to manage the business that only a franchise of blockbusters can deliver.


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