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Today’s marketing team has a whole new set of tools that mean a whole new set of rules when trying to gain eyeballs. One of the most effective and inexpensive ways to gain eyeballs for your content is social media.?Social broadcasting is leveraging social networks to get the word out. There are many variables to getting something to go viral and rampantly spreading across the web. Some of them are out of your control. There are three things anyone can do to help ensure that the most people across the globe get to see what you are sharing.

Finding your voice

People often jump into the blogging or content creation game with a vision of writing some cool post and having it go amazingly viral because they followed some system. They put keywords in the right place, asked compelling questions and borrowed content from people that have been successful. And then they are shocked when they get almost not traffic and even less unsolicited sharing of their content.

But why? They ask. I did everything I was told. The problem is that readers are not machines. You cannot program an article, post or flipbook and expect consistent behavior. Readers sense a fraud and if you write something with a goal of getting broadcasted, you will fail. Instead, write from your heart about what is important. Write about what you know and how it relates to your business. Write in your own voice with your own words and your work will be appreciated.

Finding your niche

This is the first step in taking your voice and getting it broadcasted. It is not about knowing who you are, but more knowing where the people that want to pay attention to who you are hang out. What kind of people are both going to enjoy reading your efforts and then feel compelled to share it. Look for forums, groups, pages and communities and share links to your content. Do not bombard them, but just add a link to one amazing piece of content. Then study your analytics to see which source sent you the most traffic. You may also want to go back and see if there was any discussions around your content.

Once you find the places where you are getting the most responses, start to become a part of that community. Add content, share other interesting content that you find on the net AND jump into conversations and add thoughts to other people’s content.

Seek out evangelists

Finally, the way to truly go viral and get more eyeballs that you can imagine to start reading your content is to align with some people that other people listen to. These people are influencers and have massive power on social networks. They have large groups of followers that will robotically repost just about anything they share. Some of these people can get thousands of retweets in a matter of hours. Seek out the influencers for whom the voice and niche you have uncovered resonate. Reach out to them directly and if possible privately. Share your content with them, but also try and foster a relationship. Having these people on your side and converting them into your evangelists will bolster your social broadcasts.

Focus on these three efforts and you will find yourself getting more and more eyeballs on your content than ever before.


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