Using a great flip book to get more followers

From the beginning of the wondrous world of internet marketing the pioneers have trumpeted the value of sharing great content via eBooks. As the blogging world began to prosper, the quality of the content offered, the lessons set forth has to get sharper and more attractive to prospective readers. Then, everything turned up on its head. Facebook, Twitter ?and LinkedIn took over and the rss feed was replaced by how many followers you could get for your page, group or twitter feed.

Social networks have changed the internet marketing in several ways, but they are all good for those that are paying attention as others are not.

  1. It is easier to share content. You can just write something, add something and wham, your content is available for consumption by anyone and everyone.
  2. It is easier to communicate with followers. Like, retweets, @mentions, update image and ?comments, group discussions…they open the door for a back and forth that was much harder to accomplish when it was just you and your blog.
  3. The ability to get a massive following only requires the right mix of great content and the right people to share it.

The first step is making sure your content is compelling. It has to resonate and excite people. Either because you are teaching them something valuable, or creating entertainment that has replay value. A great flip book can do both. Before just converting your PDF and sharing something that is cool because it turns pages, ask your self how you can make the content even better.

  • Can you embed a video that gets people excited or laughing?
  • Would narration get more people reading/listening to the end?
  • Could you link to other exciting content AND all of your social real estate?
  • Can you add a photo gallery that helps tell your story and gets people to linger?

Once you have added some amazing content to your flipbook and you are ready to share it with the world, make sure your announcements share the special features that will excite people. Don’t just promote your content, promote the cool video or amazing pics. Promote the exciting parts, the things that people will look for and wanting to see them will get them to follow you. That indeed is the final note, be sure to make your content only available to the people that follow you. Otherwise, what is the point?


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