Why showcasing flipbooks is better than just sharing PDF files

You get immersed in a budding technology and assume that the buzz creates awareness. That is why I was shocked the other day when a good friend of mine responded to a tweet about our flippingbook conversion technology, Flipbuilder Flip PDF Pro, by asking,

“Why would I go to the trouble of creating a flipbook when I already have a nice looking PDF?”

After my initial shock. I realized it was a legitimate question for someone who never looked at a flip book before.

I am going to share my thoughts in this post, then over the next few days share some examples of a PDF and the converted flipbook for analysis and review.

Here are just a few advantages:

1. It is easier to read. Have you ever tried scrolling around a PDF, or tried to size it correctly for the hardware you are using? It might be PC friendly, but then a challenge to read on your tablet or phone. Flipbooks scale and fit right on your system. They are easy to read and?turning?the pages is simple and fast.

2. Display online. PDFs are not very browser friendly. Sure they open in a browser, but they look bad and are ard to get looking good. A flipbook properly stored on a site is elegant and clearly designed to be read from the web.

3. Content enrichment. PDFs do not allow you to embed much more than pictures and links. With flipbooks you can embed photo galleries, videos, audio and all sorts of cool effects and imagery. It takes a 2 dimensional document and turns it into an experience.

All of these examples keep one thing in mind, it is easier to give an engaging experience that keeps the readers attention. The goal when sharing content is engagement and understanding. If you give someone content that they enjoy experiencing, you will get more people on your side.

Take a look here for a powerful example of how flexible the flipbook can be:



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