Secure content in the new digital era – content protection via flipbooks.

As the consumption of media becomes ever increasingly mobile, it is clear that traditional methods of sharing content are starting to flipbook2 lose their power. It is amazing to think in just 20 years we have gone from being concerned about emailing people any type of content, especially files to finding it passe to have to download documents from the web. Office files were for the most part editable and it was hard to feel secure sharing content that could be?plagiarized. There was no WebEx/GotoMeeting, no Slideshare, no Youtube or Vimeo. There was Word, Excel and?PowerPoint and short of complex password creation that made it hard to share content, what you sent was no longer yours to control.

When Adobe introduced PDFs they changed so much about how we could share content. Now we could not only deliver protected content easily, removing some of the?plagiarism?concerns, but now it could be rich and mixed media. Text, images, design and?templates?all became standard. The graphic design teams for most departments started using illustrator and?Photoshop?to get really creative and express their brand and content in new and exciting ways. It was not long before the birth of the PDF product catalog and the eBook as a marketing tool. Sure enough, it was also a very short period of time before people were able to start editing the most locked up of PDF files and the ability to ‘borrow’ content came about again. For almost a decade we have had to live with this security issue.

The only solution to preventing?plagiarism?was creating flash movies or actual videos and posting them. This was a ?challenge as both of these options were time consuming and not always worth the effort when we were sharing free content.

All of this has changed. With PDF to Flash converter tools like? any of our advanced flipping book conversion tools, you can now create a secure and functional flip book in just a few clicks. These?documents?are either in flash or html5 and cannot be manipulated once published. This is the most secure way to share content and maintain your author credentials. Yet another great reason to use flipping book conversion technology!




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