Policy Update for Expired Hosting Content

As the COVID-19 pandemic engulfs the world, small businesses struggle to survive. Providing sustainable services is always one of our major priorities. We know how hard it is, and what it means to other small businesses currently. That is why we will decide to change the hosting add-on service policy, which aims to support our […]

Product Update December 2020

FlipBuilder Product Update

We have updated our FlipPDF Window product line to fix the bugs caused by the Flash EOL, which may cause a few buttons and features not responding. We strongly suggest that all users download and install the latest Window Application. It is always free as usual. Here are the download links: FlipPDF For Window ($99) […]

Flash EOL Update: HTML5 Version Is the Alternative

After December 2020, all browsers will not support Flash for security issues. Just read the Adobe official FAQ for more details in case you have never heard of it. Lots of FlipBuilder users still love Flash, that is why we still offer Flash output in our software. However, we strongly suggest you embrace HTML5, which […]

Update: ?About Chrome’s Security Alert on Aug 28th

We always take clients’ security and privacy as our first priority at FlipBuilder. In 2020, we partner with Cloudflare, a US web-infrastructure and website-security company, to improve our site’s performance. Cloudflare offered leading DDoS protection, which is a major hack method. Our site and servers have never been compromised since we committed to serving the creative community. […]

Top 7 Remote Work Tools List (Keep Updated)

Nowadays, finding a high-quality, helpful, and a workable remote work tool has become very important. The coronavirus pandemic has stunned the world and affected businesses across the world. This is the reason companies, institutions, and individuals opt to find the right remote work tool that helps them work from home. A feature-full remote work tool can help […]

7 Ideas to Make a Bookshelf Website in 2020

Step 2: Upload your book online. Step 3: Make a bookshelf. Step 4: Upload your bookshelf online. Step 5: Embed the bookshelf on your website. Conclusion A bookshelf website is the best to have. With Flip PDF Pro, you can manage all your online books and display them in the right way. Apart from selling […]

Save Money with Discount Coupon Code When purchasing Flip PDF

In marketing, a coupon is a ticket or a document that can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product. Discount coupon code means a lot to customers. It helps customers to afford the products they are interested in or save money when buying the products. You’ve heard it before: “Coupons […]

How to optimize your eBook for top ranking on Google

It is essential and vital for businesses to be searched on Google as to survive and develop. Yet, being searchable does not mean you can be found. I mean, who are willing and patient enough to run every searched result one by one, page by page to your ranking on Page 25? Most netizens just […]

Best practices for sharing eBooks on social networks

Compared with paper books, eBooks are more popular in this digital era. Readers love the eBook because they can access it with ease, anytime and anywhere; Sellers love the eBook because they can make a fortune from it. All in all, eBooks are hot. And for whatever purpose, authors, eBook sellers and distributors and marketers […]

Using links to navigate a story, flipbooks at their best

In this digital age, more and more people prefer digital publications rather than paper material. This is because digital publications such as eBooks have a lot of advantages over paper books: take less space, easy to store and transfer, easy to access, etc. However, eBook has its own disadvantages. No matter in what kind of […]