Using Flipbooks to Engage Your Website Viewers

What’s the purpose and ultimate goal of building a website for your company? To build your brand and increase traffic to your website which will lead to more sales. In order to achieve this goal, digital marketers try every means to optimize your company’s websites. You place a heavy emphasis on driving traffic to your websites: designing good-looking website pages, using SEO, embedding ads, and so on. Beyond all doubt, this is vital to digital marketing success.

While it is critical to deliver traffic to your site, it’s even more important to make your visitors stick around for a while. You need to engage them! If you put all your effort into directing users to your website, but give them nothing of value to view, they will not come again. Without great content, you will get zero return on your digital marketing investment. On the contrary, if you consistently deliver something that is perceived as valuable, they will come back to your website over and over again. When prospects frequent your website, it greatly increases the probability that they will become your customers. Additionally, it helps to keep your existing customers around. It is established that retaining an existing customer is less expensive than developing a new one, so it is also a benefit to engage your existing customers and increase their loyalty.

So how in this ever-competitive internet landscape are you to engage your website visitors? It has been a hot topic for a long time and the digital marketing gurus have shared all of their brilliance on blogs and their websites: refreshing website content, making your website mobile friendly, giving your visitors a place to speak, comment, and so on. At Flipbuilder we believe that we offer a powerful way to engage your website visitors: Using flipbooks to engage your website viewers. Here are a few easy ways to create long-term value with a simple flipping book.

1. Showcase Your Products with Flipbooks

If you have a lot of products, you need a well-designed e-Catalog to showcase your products. You may have created an SEO description for each of your products, but it’s not visual enough. However, if you collect a bunch of images of each product and put them in a page-flipping e-catalog, you can display your products with more distinct details. Additionally, you can add videos to the catalog such as tutorials or product demonstrations.

2. Engage your visitors by enabling them to vote

You can create different page flip e-Catalogs for different product lines and then start a poll; asking your visitors to vote for their favorite product lines. You can design an exclusive web page or just link to other websites for the poll where visitors can leave comments. To increase user engagement, you can offer small awards for the voters. This will not only engage your visitors but also offer a vehicle to get feedback from them.

3. Reach your mobile visitors

The mobile market is quickly becoming the primary landscape for digital marketing. If you want to claim a slice of this new cake, it is important to focus a good portion of your efforts on mobile users and cater to their needs. The decision by most mobile OS developers to not allow Flash to play on their devices creates a new challenge. But a Flipbuilder flip book can provide a similar set of effects and can be viewed on most mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, and Android phones. This allows you to engage your mobile visitors with flipbooks and keep them on your website.

To Wrap up

These are just a couple the benefits that come from using flipbooks on your websites. Can you think of any others that you would like to learn more about? We would love to dig deeper into these and more in future posts. Flip PDF Plus Pro converts PDFs and images to engaging flipbooks seamlessly. You are allowed to add interactive elements, such as images, videos, hyperlinks, and clickable buttons, to create an immersive reading experience for the audience. The created flipbooks can be embedded into your website to drive traffic. Get a free trial of it to engage viewers effectively!

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