Save Money with a Discount Coupon Code When purchasing Flip PDF Plus

In marketing, a coupon is a ticket or a document that can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product. Discount coupon code means a lot to customers. It helps customers to afford the products they are interested in or save money when buying the products. You may have heard: “Coupons are a waste of time! What’s the use in saving 40 cents? They’re too much of a hassle.” However, FlipBuilder will provide you with a real discount and you can get it easily.


Flip PDF Plus is a professional program for users to convert PDF files into page-turning ebooks, brochures, and magazines for online or offline viewing. It is easy for users to use without using any code skills. Usually, users need to pay $129 for Flip PDF Plus when they decide to purchase it, but now we are pleased to offer some policies for our loyal customers to use this flipBook maker software.

Are you ready to get a discount now?

1. 10% to 100% Off for sharing our software on social networks

Easily get a 10% discount by following us on Facebook and Twitter. You will have a chance to win a Free license code if you post a recommended message about our software on Facebook or Twitter. The specific discount rate relies on the followers of your social account: 50 – 1000 followers, 20% off; 1000 – 3000 followers, 40% off; 3000 – 5000 followers, 60% off; 5000+, 100% off.

2. 20% to 100% Off for posting our software, giving backlink or banner ad

1) Posting

Write a post or review to give a brief introduction to our software on your blog or website. We will evaluate the ratings of your blog and website and give you a specific discount based on your web or blog details, such as traffic, PR, page view, etc.

2) Giving backlink or banner ad

Put a backlink or advertising banner on your home page to get the biggest discount on our software. We will also evaluate all the details of your website and give you a specific discount coupon code.

3. 30% to 100% for non-profit organizations

If you are from a non-profit organization, you can prove your identity with certificates or other documents. We promise to offer you a basic 30% discount for all products on our website. Moreover, if you can offer a backlink or a banner ad for from the organization’s website, you will win a totally Free license code without paying one cent. The final discount rate will depend on the quality of your website as well.

If you have anything confused, please feel free to contact us.

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