Flash EOL Update: HTML5 Version Is the Alternative

After December 2020, all browsers will not support Flash for security issues. Just read the Adobe official FAQ for more details in case you have never heard of it.

Lots of FlipBuilder users still love Flash, which is why we still offer Flash output in our software. However, we strongly suggest you embrace HTML5, which has been built within FlipBuilder. The HTML5 version can be easily distributed and 100% mobile-friendly.

We always take our users as our best friends. Recently, we have received lots of inquiries and voices on this topic. The following Q&A should give you more info if you have similar questions or concerns.?

Question 1: What will happen to my Flash flipbook or the flipbook has Flash SWF?

Your reader may experience difficulty accessing some or all of your content. It depends on how Flash is used in your flipbook.

To see what will happen to your online flipbook, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your Chrome
  2. Visit chrome://settings/content/flash
  3. Set Off for Block sites from running Flash (recommended)

Question 2: What shall I do to update my flipbook?

If you still keep the project files, just simply use FlipBuilder to output the HTML5 version. However, if your flipbook has SWF files, you need to replace all the SWF resources with other supported formats before publishing it in HTML5.

Some of our users host their flipbooks on FlipBuilder.com, if the flipbook has been published with HTML5 as a version option, the user will see a notification and be able to switch to HTML5 with one click.

Question 3: What is the plan of FlipBuilder?

Our engineers are planning to build a whole new version of FlipBuilder, which will use a new architecture for both Windows and Mac. It means we almost start from scratch. It needs time and patience. You may follow our Facebook to get the latest updates and other news.

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