Best Practices for Sharing eBooks on Social Networks

Compared with paper books, ebooks are more popular in this digital era. Readers love the ebook because they can access it with ease, anytime and anywhere; Sellers love the ebook because they can make a fortune from it. All in all, ebooks are hot. For whatever purpose, authors, ebook sellers, distributors, and marketers try every means to make their ebooks accessible, searchable, and sharable. They hire affiliate services and even launch advertising campaigns such as Google Ads, which of course might have an impact on their budget.

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And there are some other ways: email marketing and newsletter campaigns. Indeed, these two methods play an important role in marketing and help boost sales, yet they have disadvantages. Marketers keep bombarding the contacts in their email lists, but they just overlook the fact that most people don’t like being bombarded with endless emails and they will likely regard these emails as spam.

After investigating and reviewing others’ ideas, tips, and solutions, I figure out the following practices for sharing ebooks on social networks.

1. Make Sure Your eBooks Online

The advent of the Internet makes it possible and easy to share info with people from all over the world. Taking advantage of the Internet will help you share your ebooks widely and effectively. So why not make your ebooks live on the website.

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2. Focus on Your Content

Content marketing is ranked as an important and effective strategy for marketing, so creating a high-quality content ebook will help you attract more readers. Yet, this does not mean you should pay full attention to your book content because your broadcast for the ebook on websites and social networks is equally important. So it’s wise to make both your book content and online description SEO-friendly.

3. Classify Your Audience

In a broad sense, ebooks include not only digital story books (most of which require ebook readers), but also e-catalogs, e-brochures, and so on. When sharing your ebooks on social networks, you will get better results to customize your feeds based on your target audience. For example, if you are selling products via e-catalog, you are not suggested to write “ebook” on your post. It’s a good idea to share your books on multiple social networks, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can even create videos for your wonderful ebooks to share on YouTube.

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4. Make It Easy to Share on Social Networks

The magic of social networks is that they enable your message to spread like a virus. However, you can make it better by enabling readers to share your ebooks with ease. You can create a share button for each social network and your readers can share your ebooks simply with a button click.

5. Make Use of Third-party Services

If you are an ebook seller and want to make a profit by selling your ebooks, why not take advantage of reputable book-selling sites like Amazon Kindle?

To Wrap up

Reading ebooks is a prominent means for people to access digital content. Whether you are a bookseller, author, or social marketer, creating and sharing ebooks is an efficient way to attract more audiences. If you are seeking a one-stop solution, Flip PDF Plus Pro is your excellent choice. The ebook creation software turns PDFs into interactive flipbooks in seconds. With the go-to tool, you are allowed to design the ebook according to your specific needs, such as adding a table of contents, applying animated backgrounds, and inserting appealing visuals. The created ebooks with Flip PDF Plus Pro can be shared around and updated anytime. Dive into this powerful tool to get started!

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