Jumpstart Your Brand’s Consumer Connection with a Mobile Marketing Strategy

These days, the consumer connection revolves around mobile. Mobile marketing is on the rise, and smartphone-centric advertisements are dominating the professional world. The days of television and phone marketing are gone. Now, customers are relying on mobile contact to engage brands on incredibly deep levels.


Digital ad spend is one of the marketing world’s quickest-growing segments. In 2015, it increased by 13 percent. Today, it makes up 30 percent of all marketing-related retail business expenditures. Mobile advertisement is leading customers into one-on-one, mobile-based communications—where marketers can interact with, impact and create long-lasting relationships with their audience. Making a direct connection, at the end of the day, is vital to a marketer’s success. Check out the best ways your brand can relate with consumers via mobile, and find out how your brand can prosper beyond 2016:


One: Offer Digital Coupons in Text Messages


SMS is the modern vehicle for consumer discounts. Buyers aren’t clipping coupons anymore. They’re showing their iPhones to retail associates. In 2015, 50 percent of American consumers made direct purchases right after receiving a branded QR code, text or discount coupon. By offering in-text deals, your brand can be present in the smartphone’s most intimate avenue. Buyers check texts hourly, and they’re preferring one-on-one communications over paper turn-ins.


Two: Create a Branded Utility App


Branded apps tie customers to business offers. Tablets and smartphones both offer interactive, entertaining content through mobile apps, and both can be used by your brand to engage customers at a deeper level. Give the customer what they want, and support their needs with an intuitive app design.


Mobile users spend 89 percent of their monthly media time on smartphone apps. If you’re a restaurant, create a “catch of the day” app. Or, if you’re a music venue, create a culture app. Mobile apps extend the brand into the user’s pocket. They create higher business value, create deeper connections and directly increase in-store sales.


Three: Automate Your Feedback with SMS


SMS is useful for feedback, too. When you’re not offering buyers digital coupons, you should be striking up conversation in two-way text conversations. Experts agree upon SMS’s importance in consumer relations, discussing the buyer’s need to engage messages on a personal level. In the past, text message blasts were annoying, and they were seen as spam. Now, automated SMS senders have rewired the way businesses talk to customers. By streamlining the output process, auto-responders give decision makers the space they need to focus on buyer behavior.


Moreover, business texting with sales prospects converts consumers 40 percent more often than other engagement strategies. To fully connect with buyers, your brand needs to hop into the SMS world.


Four: Create a Viral Media Plan


Viral videos never fail to enchant consumers. In recent years, they racked up e-commerce visits, in-store buys and social media hits. Today, they’re implemented in mobile marketing strategies. They’re pulling customers into deeper communication networks.


Automate your MMS plan, and pique user interest with rich video. If you can, take advantage of YouTube, Vine and Snapchat. You’d be surprised how many consumers buy into the big-dog online media providers. Once you’ve developed a comprehensive plan, you’ll be ready to attract deeper, increasingly meaningful user communications. Remember to target the right customers, however, because different consumer gaps are interested in different digital videos.


Outfit your every mobile approach for the consumer, and rely on automation to “take care of the number.” Focus on behavior, and gather data through your brand’s app and SMS campaign. In doing so, you can guarantee ongoing customer relationships. More importantly: you can ensure deep buyer relationships.

What’s Next?

What do you think of what I’ve covered so far? Will you adopt mobile as your tool for marketing?? I would love to read your comments below.

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