Author: William Zhen

create a book on mac
Ebook Software for Mac

How to Create A Book on Mac

People tend to generalize that leaving Windows for Mac OS feels like the first day of school. Think again. Leave your comfort zone and with

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Brochure Publish

How to Make A Brochure

Brochures, unlike posters, pamphlets, or flyers, carry within themselves a bulk of information. Usually, designed to act as the face of a company, a professional

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create a book DIY
eBook Issue

How to Create A Book DIY

Have you ever wondered before: “Where do books come from?” or “How do people create a book?” When our children ask, it would probably take

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publish an ebook
eBook Issue

How to Publish an eBook

An ebook goes places and can be more secure than hard copy volumes getting tattered at heritage libraries, at the mercy of restoration practices to

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