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Despite the increasing popularity for electronic books and other reading materials online, people would still love to visit their local bookstores and look for a book to read. There is a demand for printed books, hence the reason why they are still in the bookshelves.  

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Why do writers prefer printed books over online? Is there a huge impact? Pros and cons 1. Printed books may sound costly and time consuming – it is. Writers make one book at a time. 2. Hire a good editor. They will do the editing for you – to fix some errors you have missed. 3. Put a very attractive cover. Team up with a skilled, professional visual artist. Remember: it is the cover that the readers first see. You need to capture their attention to grab your book. 4. Printed books call for copies. You need to invest to be able to supply the bookstores. Invest for an agent. Agent will go to publishing houses and market your book. This will save you time and effort. 5. Honestly, publishing houses rarely open manuscripts that does not come through an agent. 6. And if publishers will not open your book, it will be unlikely to be published and sold in bookstores. Make an effort too by visiting publishing houses. Get to know them. 7. It requires a lot of marketing and book signing activities. You need to entertain and interact with your readers. Sought after writers fly from one country to another just to show appreciation to the people who bought their books. 8. Grand launching day calls for a launch team! A spokesperson, interviewer / host, bloggers and media! 9. Popularity wise, yes – printed books will make you famous. 10. Books have ratings and rankings! Some bookstores display their top sellers monthly. With all those investment for printed books, you need to do some announcement that it will also be available online. Once you have established your name to public, people will easily grab your books from online stores. Consider the following in publishing your book online: ? Digital marketing through social media by announcing the arrival of your book online. People will anticipate that it comes with a promo. ? Early bird promo is what readers expect you to have. A little discount slashed of from the original price will do. ? Choose the platform where you wanted to sell it. You can do self-publish! ? Amazon makes any writer sell their electronic books and printed books online. ? Once you have sold copies, you may collect royalty cheques. ? Ask your family and friends to leave a review. This will help other people get a little background or feedback of your book. Why Still Read Printed Books ? The smell of a nice new book and neat pages. ? The happiness by just looking at your collection at home. ? You can read for hours without straining your eyes from the lighted screen of your tablet. ? Your book will keep you company in cafes, flipping pages while sipping your favorite coffee. ? Hugging your book, resting your tired eyes while you snooze for a bit. Publish Printed Books While people loves to go out and visit the malls, some just stay at home, order and online and wait for their parcels. Writers may do self-publishing. Tips in selling your printed books in Amazon (for example). 1. You need to have an Amazon account. If you do not have one, create one. Provide the necessary details. 2. Go to Your Account > Your Other Accounts > Your Seller Account then sign in again 3. Choose between two options: Individual account or Professional. ? Individual account – no subscription fee but charges you $0.99 as per sale closing fee. ? Professional account – pay for a monthly subscription of $39.99, but no per sale closing fee. The account will enable you to use feeds and spreadsheets to manage inventory as well as access to order reports. 4. Enter a valid checking account that will take several days. You will receive an email from Amazon once confirmed. Settings > Account Info > Deposit Method > Edit > Bank Location Country click Submit. 5. To put your product listing, proceed to Sell Your Stuff. Input all details: book title, author, ISBN, publisher and other details needed. 6. Set a good price. 7. Describe the condition of book “New” then set shipping method. Save and finally, your printed book is now available for sale in Amazon. 8. Continue selling. Sooner or later, your book will get star ratings!

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