How To Make A Responsive PDF Booklet

Making interactive and bold booklets is now easier and more cost-effective, whether you are creating promotional content, academic projects, product brochures, or a memoir of some of the most special moments of your life. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can make a responsive PDF booklet with Flip PDF Plus Pro, a top-tier PDF booklet creator that allows for converting PDF files into HTML flipping booklets, adding lively features of videos, background music, embedding YouTube videos, and more. Let’s jump right in to embark on an enjoyable journey!

The Ultimate Guide on How to Make a Responsive PDF Booklet

Step 1: Create a PDF

A Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format, which you can convert from Word Documents. First of all, you can make an assortment of the images and textual writings on a Word Document and then convert the same into a PDF format. If you like the layout of certain images and the text, then you go back to the Word file and save it back as a PDF format.

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Step 2: Download Flip PDF Plus Pro

To install the software, you need to go to the official website ( There you can find the big green button “Download”. Click on it, run the EXE file, and go along the given instructions thereupon. if you have already the software on your computer, then skip to the next step.

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Step 3: Import files

Opening the Flip PDF Plus Pro will bring you to the project panel, you may click on your ready PDF file to instantly create the flipbook out of it, or you can “Import” an underway PDF file, and customize it. You can also import multiple PDF files to make a single flipbook. To import, you have to click the “Browse” button on the main source field, to browse your computer for the desired file. You may additionally import images as well, to separately customize them.

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Step 4: Enrich PDF booklet with rich media

Once the conversion is completed, you are allowed to personalize the layout, themes, and scenes of your flipbook to ensure it has a visually appealing look. Then find the button “Multimedia Editor” in the main toolbar to add a variety of multimedia elements. The intuitive multimedia editor built into the booklet design software opens up a whole new world of possibilities, which are given below:

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  • Add a link

By clicking on the “Link” icon, you can insert a URL in the box. Customize the placement of the link, and also the text, like “Read More”, “To The Website”, or any call to action content.

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  • Insert videos

Insert personal videos from your computer, by selecting the “Video” icon. The software supports 3 video formats — FLV, F4V and MP4. Other than that, if you like to insert YouTube videos, you can simply paste the YouTube ID into the block and draw a box on the desired place in your flipbook. You are also enabled to select an image to add a video cover.

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  • Add sound

Add a background sound to evoke the readers’ emotions, especially when they open a memory book. Simply click on the “Audio” icon and insert the music file saved in your device. The software supports all major audio formats.

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Step 5: Publish your PDF booklet

When you are satisfied with your publication, you can save the setting and publish it. Click the “Publish” button. The software provides several output formats, and you can publish it as an HTML file or zip/exe format. Moreover, you can upload the booklet to the Flipbuilder Hosting Add-on Service and share it with readers on the web directly.

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I’m sure you are equipped with comprehensive knowledge of how to make a responsive booklet after reading the step-by-step guide. Regardless of the types and sizes of booklets you want to create, Flip PDF Plus Pro is the ideal solution for you to drive business success. It stands out from the rest for its suite of robust features, including animated scenes, easy-to-use multimedia editor, and easy sharing. The digital booklets crafted with the powerful tool add further dimensions to your business by enhancing your content. So don’t hesitate to start off on the right foot with Flip PDF Plus Pro!

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