Business eBook best practices, not the easiest thing to uncover

When you do a Google search, you get some basic tips on well things that any writer should know. The top articles on the subject suggest you pick a compelling topic (duh), write clearly (really?) and that you make sure to engage your readers (ok!). While this is all good if not painstakingly obvious advice to any reader it does not truly cover the three basic tenets of why people are publishing an eBook in the first place.

  1. Increase reach.
  2. Improve brand.
  3. Drive new business.

Now let me be clear. In my opinion, and yes it is merely my opinion, an eBook is not a digital version of a printed tome. An eBook is not ?why we use our Kindles, albeit that is a handy way to view them. No, an eBook, in its original form is a free, or near free how to guide that helps someone learn the basics of a task/project or get a sense of an emerging way of thinking. This may seem like a narrow thought process, but truly if you are trying to provide valuable content to your prospective?customers?readers, you are doing one or the other if not both.

So now that I have complained about how others, well the top two pages of Google results, ?have approached the concepts behind sharing best practices, allow me to throw my advice giving hat into the ring. In my opinion, there are four things that a great eBook manage to accomplish. If you successful deliver on these points, you will find yourself extremely busy with requests for your services.

  1. ?Matter – Your eBook has to matter to others. If you are too forward thinking or repeating the knowledge of others, you are going to find yourself brushing of f the virtual dust to your not so downloaded effort. If you do not have something new to share with the world, leave the writing to when you do. If you do, then make sure you share it in a way that is accessible and easy to digest. Save the really impressive thoughts for your advanced class and in the introduction to your ideas, just paint a picture that makes them wanting more. Remember, you can charge for those advanced classes.
  2. Clarity – Now I know that previously stated, well teased, that writing clearly is a given. Clarity is not writing clearly it is delivering your message in a way that makes it easy to digest your new concept. It is a matter of building a step ladder from your knowledge to your readers and helping them across the chasm of their not knowing.
  3. Timing – Part of resonating with your audience is knowing when to engage them. Timing pertains to several things; your eBook’s release date, the way you promote it and most of all the timing of the subjects you are introducing. Really try and play the role of your intended reader as you think about these things. Do not release a work when they are too busy or focused on other matters.
  4. Style – People are drawn to things that appeal to their senses. A well written book can be lost in a plain white jacket as well as too much dressing. Take care to make your eBook visually appealing and people will first read it and then recommend it.


Well that’s it. If you can get all four of these pistons firing your eBook will become a greet tool in your prospecting and lead cultivation kit. We look forward to helping you with the style part and anything else that can help you garner success.


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