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In today’s get it now social webofrantic business work, video has fast become a standard home page feature for most business websites. It is not suprise since while studies range, it is clear that people spend at least three times as much time on websites that have videos than those that don’t.

At Flipbuilder, we do not build websites or create videos, so why should be care?

The answer is simple. What stands true for website engagement should also apply to eBooks, product catalogs, digital magazines and any other publication designed to entice and educate its viewer. This is why Flip PDF Pro allows you to embed video in your eBooks and digital publications.

The value goes far beyond merely keeping people’s attention. There are dozens of ways video adds value to publications and in this post I am going to highlight three examples. Please feel free to add additional ways in the comments sections.

Here we go:

  1. Product catalog?instructions: Imagine embedding ‘how to use’ videos in your product catalogs. This is both a benefit for potential buyers as well as your more trusted customers. An easy visual tutorial on how to use a product can quickly get an order placed and reduce the amount of time your support team needs to spend helping people.?
  2. eBook introductions: Kick off your eBook with a personalized message. Let people see who you are. There was a point in the 1980’s when Century 21 real estate agents added their photo to their business cards. It created a level of trust with home owners and buyers and helped them become one of the top agencies in the country.
  3. News snippets: Add a small news reel to your digital magazines. A quick clip of the models walking the runway, a video of the winning team or some footage of the storm you covered. Turn your publication into a multi content rich news channel and compete with the more established websites.

All of these will strengthen your image in the eyes of your viewers and continue to build the value of your brand. What have you done to embed video into your publications?


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