Broadcasting your flip page eBook through social channels

In today’s online socialverse, it is obvious to anyone and everyone that you want to find ways to build your reach on Facebook, StumbleUpon_logoLinkedIn and Twitter. While these are not merely obvious but important places to put your energy, it is equally important to look at some lesser know but equally as valuable sources for new readers. They might not seem like the likely places to share a flip book, but if properly managed, they can drive traffic to your book and increase your followers with the big three.

  1. Stumble Upon: Still the best place to find amazing random content. People by the thousands are browsing what interests them and looking for something just like your wisdom. If you have great content and get caught in a stumble frenzy, it can get you 1000s of like in no time.
  2. Youtube: This takes a bit of work, but can pay off with huge dividends. Put together a nice video of you flipping your book and either giving it some background music OR narration. People love audio books and a visual one can get some decent traction. This can also be promoted through other social channels.
  3. Article posting sites like Write a synopsis of your eBook and post it on the article sites. Again, great content can get many hundreds to several thousand views.
  4. Bookmarking sites like Digg: It may have been a while since you heard the rule; bookmark everything! While the fad has faded, the loyal still get involved and their are millions of people bookmarking.


These outlets used in tandem with a Facebook page, a strong twitter broadcast and LinkedIn networking will continue to gain you more readership for your content.



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