Policy Update for Expired Hosting Content

As the COVID-19 pandemic engulfs the world, small businesses struggle to survive. Providing sustainable services is always one of our major priorities. We know how hard it is, and what it means to other small businesses currently. That is why we will decide to change the hosting add-on service policy, which aims to support our client in good faith.

Here are the key changes:

1. The hosting content without private and monetized settings will stay live after the paid hosting period expired.

2. Your audience and you can view and share the content for free.

3. A FlipBuilder banner will be displayed on your expired content.

4. The banner will only display FlipBuilder’s features. You need to purchase the hosting add-on service to remove the banner.

5. Whether your expired content is submitted to Google depends on your SEO setting.

6. You reserve the right to disable and delete the content in the  “Manage Books” section.

The policy update will take effect from March 21, 2022.

By adopting the above changes, FlipBuilder has updated the terms of service accordingly.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at help@flipbuilder.com. Your satisfaction is always our first and only priority.

FlipBuilder Team


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