A book comprises of ideas written in words, organized in various styles and techniques. As a new writer, ideas pop wherever you are. How can you manage to remember all that come in to your mind? Google docs makes it possible. Digital Page Flip eBook Created by Flip PDF Google Docs is a word processor included as part of a free, web-based software office suite offered by Google within its Google Drive service. This service also includes Google Sheets and Google Slides, a spreadsheet and presentation program respectively. Features  – Main advantage of Google Docs is that you can access your documents, anytime anywhere. Even if you have multiple gadgets, […]


Have you ever wondered before: “Where does books come from?” or “How do people make books?” When our children ask, it would probably take more than a day for us to explain on how books land our favorite bookstores in multiple copies. While we try to explain each step, they will shoot another question, we will explain, and the cycle goes on.   Digital Page Flip eBook Created by Flip PDF Best Desktop Digital Publishing Software for eBooks   At an early age, all of us have tried making our own book. Compiled our drawings, scribbles, little notes, letters and others. We have given some to our parents, grandparents, friends, […]


Audiobooks are a wonderful platform for the conveyance of knowledge and stories. While the pleasure of reading is one thing, it’s a different comfort, when someone (or something) reads to us, uninterruptedly. That’s why audiobooks hold great potentials for a wider reach including those who don’t have the leaning or scope to read, or them who are visually impaired.   Learn About Flip PDF Interactive Flipbook Creator   Best Desktop Digital Publishing Software for eBooks & Magazines     Apparently, authors can benefit a lot from audiobooks, especially self-publishing authors. There is a common belief that it takes a big deal of technical resources and relative costing, to produce quality […]

Flip PDFを使用して詩集を出版する方法

違いを生むために、アニメの詩集を作ることは可能ですか? – はい、できます!リソースを犠牲にすることなく、より魅力的にします。詩集とは?詩は一種の文学であり、質と美しさで感情的に表現されています。独特のスタイルとリズムを持つ言葉で、より深い意味を伝えます。私たちが毎日見続けているいくつかの詩:自由詩、物語、叙情詩など。この現代では、自費出版の作家はソーシャル メディアを利用して、本だけでなく詩も宣伝しています。私たちがオンラインで共有しているグリーティングカード、短い「ことわざ」、それらの「引用」、これらは[…]


If you are an aspiring writer and cannot decide where to publish your e-book, try making for Amazon Kindle. Why Amazon? Amazon is more than just a shopping website. It is said to be the largest paid search engine, also dominating the book market. It has a good marketing service that offers your books to others regardless if they know you or not. It gives people equal chances to sell, whether you are old or new. Everyone gets to publish and make a good income using nothing more than your laptop, internet connection and creativity. You may start with self-publishing books and introduce them to Amazon. Learn about Flip PDF: […]


An eBook goes places and can be more secure than hard copy volumes getting tattered at heritage libraries, at the mercy of restoration practices to reach it. So whether or not you are trying to digitise a valuable book, or give a professional stance to your own manuscript, things are pretty much in your own hands, when you want to create an eBook that’s readable across desktops and mobiles, with help of the Flip PDF software. Good news is, you don’t need to be a professional yourself to do this, here’s how.   Learn about Flip PDF: Convert PDF to Page Flip eBook Easily     Best Desktop Digital Publishing […]


With Google Playbooks emerging as the next best alternative to Amazon Kindle, a writer can now achieve maximum exposure via one’s account. Thanks to Google Play for opening up new avenues, allowing budding authors to reach billions of bookworms all around, finding new fans and publishing more books than ever! However, to harness the power, one has to have a grip over the entire system of uploading content and selling it online. To empower you on the same, this write-up lists down the step-by-step procedure of creating and publishing an e-book on Google Play.   Learn about Flip PDF: A Free PDF to Flipbook Software     Best Desktop Digital […]