Come creare un e-book fotografico utilizzando il software FlipPDF

Picture brochures, digital magazines, or photo albums contain many stories to tell. It is a breeze to creare un e-book fotografico with the Flip PDF Plus which is ebook conversion software developed by FlipBuilder. The software is a powerful tool for creating diverse flipbook designs with pictures, sound, videos, YouTube links, and other multimedia.  From purchasing, and installing to converting your PDF file, all of it can be carried out in a matter of minutes. That’s the specialty of this simple and ready-to-use suite. Here’s a quick tutorial and useful designer tips on how you can create your very own page-flipping photo e-book.

The Step-by-step Guide for Crafting a Stunning Photo E-Book

Step 1. Import Images

If you don’t already have the software installed on your PC, you can refer to our other articles containing a comprehensive guide to purchase, download, and install the same. This article focuses on importing your pictures and enriching the photo ebook with essential effects and design customizations.

A partire dal “Pannello di progetto” of your Flip PDF Plus desktop application, import your PDF file, by simply clicking "Creare nuovo" quando inizi da zero. Questo avvierà il "Importare" window wherein you can optionally import or drag and drop multiple images at once. While doing so, you get the option to set your page size and quality. There are 5 different quality options, the higher the quality, the better the pictures you get, but that also means your files will require more disk space.



creare un e-book fotografico

Step 2. Enrich Your Photobook with Multimedia

Now that your import is successful, you can now customize the default flipbook with further design elements. With the powerful Multimedia Editor in Flip PDF Plus, you are allowed to add video, audio, and animation to the photo book. Click the “Redattore multimediale” button in the header of the software and the software will open a new interface. You can edit every page of the photobook and add rich media. Click the item you want in the toolbar and embed what you want on the page, including YouTube video, MP4, audio, animation effects, shapes, text, and more.

fare un fotolibro

Step 3. Publish Your Photo Book Online

Puoi usare il "Anteprima" finestra per vedere come apparirà la cosa reale online e, una volta che sei soddisfatto del prodotto, puoi passare a publish your book online on various platforms. Simply, click on the "Pubblicare" pulsante che apparirà sul pannello superiore. Da quel momento in poi potrai scegliere tra le seguenti uscite:

  • Standard Output: That is save it to your local hard drive, as an HTML, EXE, APP, or APK file.
  • Advanced Output: This is the route to directly publish your flipbook to your WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal website. You can do it via FTP server, or email it as well.

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Well-designed photo e-books serve as a trigger to relive your favorite memories. It is much easier than you thought to create a photo book using Flip PDF Plus. No coding or design skills are required. It comes with a bunch of pre-built layouts, themes, and animated scenes to give your photo album a fantastic look. Once created, the photo e-book can be shared with your friends or family via emails or text messages by just pasting the link. Seamlessly distribute it on various social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Of course, you have the flexibility to set it either to the public or enable anyone to see it. Check out Flip PDF Plus to make your unique photo e-books easily.

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