Top 8 Online AI Video Generators Worth Trying for Seamless Video Creation

Videos have become the latest trend in the digital era and exerted a great impact on our work and life. In the past, creating videos required a sharp learning curve, hours of effort, and costly professional equipment. Thanks to the advent of AI video generators, everyone can produce stunning videos effortlessly and affordably, opening up endless possibilities for video creation. For content creators, videos go beyond a type of media; but serve as a game-changing tool for marketing, sales, and branding. This article contains our top picks on online AI video makers that you should try to create engaging videos. Try them out to see which AI video generator fits all your needs.

1. Mango AI

Mango AI is an all-in-one AI video generator that provides you with advanced AI-based solutions to generate videos in a breeze. It hosts a vast library of video templates, all catering to your creation requirements, from training videos to social media content. After selecting a template, what you need to do is enter the script and upload images. The AI animation generator automatically transforms text and images into a high-quality video within minutes. If you want to create a more attractive video, an extensive collection of customizable templates is available. Free to tailor backgrounds, whiteboards, and aspect ratios to your preferences. What’s more, a plethora of ultra-realistic digital avatars and human-like voices across various languages are at your fingertips. Whether you are a seasoned expert or novice, Mango AI has everything you want to bring your ideas to life.

2. Simplified

Simplified utilizes AI technology for visual design, video creation, and article writing. Its AI video generator has the capability of turning prompts into compelling videos. There are several video formats to choose from, including TikTok videos, YouTube shorts, and Instagram reels. Simply select an AI voice, describe your target audience, and pick a suitable tone for the video. A stunning video is produced in a few steps. Its built-in video editor enables you to personalize the generated video by modifying captions, replacing templates, and adding photos, videos, and GIFs. Simplified is a versatile AI video maker for those who want to create short videos for social media.

3. InVideo

With InVideo, breathing life into your ideas is much easier than you thought. By analyzing the topic and prompts that you input, InVideo harnesses cutting-edge AI technology to produce an impressive video with its premium media. After the creation, you can tweak the video with text commands, edit the script, adjust each scene, and replace the media from its vast stock media library or by uploading your own media. InVideo comes with meticulously designed templates and human-sounding voiceovers to meet your specific requirements. It is an intuitive AI animation generator to create videos at scale.


The AI video maker offers you a wide range of templates to create visually appealing videos, without having to start from scratch. Its customizable templates are crafted in horizontal, vertical, and square formats, ensuring that the generated videos are responsive across all platforms and devices. With more than 80 lifelike avatars, Elai supports you in creating professional training videos without hiring actors and being on camera, which is a viable solution that won’t break your budget. Numerous AI voiceovers in a variety of languages and accents are accessible, helping you reach an audience worldwide. One of its significant features is voice cloning, allowing you to clone your voice in dozens of languages, making every video a chance to interact with the audience. In addition, Elai can transform blog posts and PPTX files into videos effortlessly.

5. Visla

Visla is an AI-driven video content creation platform to create, record, and edit videos, particularly for business teams looking to collaborate in real time. Its AI video generator assists you in converting ideas, text, blogs, audio, and images into videos. It enables you to describe the video you want to create from every aspect, like the purpose, pace, length, and narration language, so that you will get the desired result effectively. Visla supports diverse languages, including Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch. It also features its branding tool that empowers you to create distinctive branding sets, such as custom intros and outros, logos, and colors, to elevate your content and maximize your video’s impact.

6. Hour One

You don’t need competent videographers in video generation to use Hour One. Like many AI animation generators on the list, Hour One makes video from input script. Moreover, there is a rich selection of well-designed templates that can be used to craft videos for product marketing, sales, staff training, and E-commerce. You have the freedom to create videos from templates, documents, scripts, and presentations, to streamline your workflow. A multitude of AI avatars cover different ages, professions, races, and ethnicities. Simply select the voice for the avatar by tone and age to give the video a human touch with ease. Invite team members to your Hour One workspace for seamless collaboration to ramp up the creation process.

7. comes equipped with a suite of features and tools, including an AI video generator, video editor, live streaming studio, and video recorder. It offers several video formats for social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. As you enter the title and text, set the audio mood, and choose the format, the AI video maker generates a video from the text and its stock assets within minutes. Its easy-to-use video editor gives you complete control to personalize the resulting video by adding text animations, stickers, transitions, customer subtitles, and more. This AI video maker combines a bundle of powerful tools in one place, making it a versatile platform for creating AI videos.

8. Synthesys

Synthesys is an AI animation generator that aims to revolutionize traditional video creation. With the tool, you have access to realistic voices in more than 140 languages, encompassing French, Chinese, and Irish. This facilitates you to expand your reach and connect with the global audience. Create a custom voice to make your videos distinctive and maintain brand consistency. No camera or actors are required with a wide array of AI avatars that feature pitch-perfect lip-syncing. Its AI Studio has an intuitive user interface which helps you get started in a snap.

Create Your Own Engaging Videos with Fun

Now that we have explored the list of online AI video generators above, it’s time to dive in! Although there are some nuances to these AI video makers, they will save you time, speed up the process, and enhance your video content. Free to choose one of them to be your co-pilot as per your preferences. However, if we had to pick the best one, Mango AI would be the only choice. Hyper-realistic digital avatars, AI voices, and ready-to-use templates make it stand out from the rest. The video generator allows sharing videos via links or directly on social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook. Don’t hesitate to give a free trial and start creating stunning videos!


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