How to Publish A Photography Book Using Flip PDF Plus Pro

Preserve your memories and store photos beautifully by creating a photobook. However, creating printed photo albums can seem like a daunting and complicated process. Traditional printed photo books are also cumbersome to store. Moreover, if you opt for high-quality materials to create a photobook, the cost will be much higher. Thanks to digital technology, you are enabled to craft and publish a photography book with the ideal solution which is Flip PDF Plus Pro. In this article, we will find out how to make your own one without occupying your personal space. Easy, engaging, and budget-friendly.


What is a Photography Book?

A photography book is a compilation of pictures to keep your memories alive. In this modern age, people post their photos on social media, share them, and store them for free. While it is nice to post some, there would be still a lot of photos that were left behind. You cannot post your entire memory and make an album especially if you have tons from a single event. What if there’s too much filtering that needs to be done? Would you spend weeks on it? The solution is to create a photobook using Flip PDF Plus Pro, a first-rate photo album making software.

What is Flip PDF Plus Pro?

Flip PDF Plus Pro was derived from the word flick, meaning to turn. It is a type of software that enables users to professionally create an easy animation converting ordinary images or PDFs into impressive HTML publications with compatibility to almost all devices. You can use the versatile tool to animate the following materials: e-books, e-magazines, e-newsletters, and many more. Flip PDF Plus Pro is the leading photo publishing software that offers a wide variety of themes/designs/templates to help you craft perfect photo books for your precious memories.

Steps in Making a Photobook

1. Import Images

Gather all pictures and create a custom-made photo book to share with your family and friends for a more enjoyable celebration. Import photos and make a gallery. Simply adjust the page size based on your specific needs. Flip PDF Plus Pro instantly converts them to a page-flipping photography book.

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2. Design the Photo Book

Think of a theme and select a layout from the library. Flip PDF Plus Pro offers a wide variety of layouts, themes, and scenes to choose from. You will never run out for every occasion. Make sure to compile your series of photos per event.

make a photo book

3. Insert Multimedia Elements

The photo album design software comes with an easy-to-use multimedia editor. Add some videos from YouTube. Make your project impressive by adding audio. You may record a narration, tell a funny story, or remember something memorable that day. If you choose to apply some text on it, ensure to synchronize the recording with the text.

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4. Apply Animation Effects

Flip PDF Plus Pro enables you to animate the ordinary PDF pages to flipping. The software is user-friendly hence you do not need to be skilled or hire a professional visual artist to get this done. As long as you know what you want, use your creativity and feel free to personalize your photobooks. Aside from the flipping pages, you can animate the small contents in your photobook. Own your project and be your own leader in designing your memorabilia.

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5. Customize Margins

Before you finish, check all margins and spaces. It is important that your graphics and images will not overlap during animation. Overlapping may confuse your audience. See to it that everything moves in timing. You may decide to keep it digitally or print it in paperback later on.

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6. Publish Your Photo Book

After completing your project, preview and save it. Free to publish the photography book in multiple formats, including HTML, APK, APP, and EXE. All file types are compatible with any device. Whether you make your photobook from Windows or Mac, your project will play in Android and Apple products respectively. It can be viewed from your desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Once completed, your photobook is ready to go. If you want to share the photo album with friends and family, upload it online using the FlipBuilder Hosting Add-on Service to get a link and a QR code or directly distribute it on social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter.

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Bottom Line

Well-designed photo books serve as cherished mementos to immerse yourself in the precious memories from the past. If you are looking for digital photobook software to store pictures, Flip PDF Plus Pro not only gets the job done but also offers more benefits, such as slashing the cost, saving physical space, and enhancing accessibility. The created photo books can be updated at any time you want, without having to start another project again. Give it a go to create and publish a photography book effortlessly.

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