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Static is no longer engrossing. Where dynamic page-flipping style grabs the greatest attention, a digital lookbook software reigns the preference list of every brand trying to publicise their products. Tailored chiefly for the publishers to increase the subscription of their publishings, it empowers not just them but also businesses, trying to reach their target audiences via a unique lookbook. Flip PDF Professional, a particular software suite of FlipBuilder makes this possible! By featuring its software, available for downloads on the Windows operating system, it lends users the golden opportunity to transform dull lookbooks into a vivid and professional looking resource.    
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  For a novice, this might appear a little complicated, which is why this write-up intends to enlighten you on the steps. Follow each and every single one given below to realise that the process is actually a cakewalk.  

Step 1: Import PDF

Let’s assume that you have successfully launched the application on your desktop. To start off right away, simply import the lookbook in its PDF format by clicking on ‘Create New Project’. Once done, you will be thrown open to two version options of HTML5 and Flash.     On clicking the ‘HTML5’ option, you will be free to browse through your collections and upload your created digital flipbook. ‘Import Now’ shall take you straight away to the PDF lookbook software, displaying your dull lookbook in the form of a flip-page based one. Follow the illustration given below to take a cue.  

Step 2: Customise to enrich it with multimedia

Now that you have landed on the main window, look around for menus, to customise the lookbook and enrich it with hotspots, cameras, buttons, images, links and what not!     For instance, if you own an apparel business, you could possibly add a hotspot on the glittery portions of the showcased clothes. Freedom of choosing from a vast selection of colour, type and alpha are also available to let you edit the hotspot.  

Step 3: Augment visual interest by exploring the page editor option

Surprise surprise! Yes, there’s even a ‘page editor’ to let you visit each page individually and insert responsive elements such as text, movie, videos from ‘YouTube’, audio and a lot more. One can find all of these in the topmost panel.     For those who add images to it, there are filters and frames, to apply bold effects, to improve aesthetics, highlight specific objects, manipulate colour and finally bring out its uniqueness.     Once it’s applied, the ‘save and exit’ button shall take you straight away to the main page, where ‘Design Settings’, ‘Bookmark Tabs’ and ‘Table of Contents’ are present on the side panel.     As indicated on the image above, there’s even a set-up to work on the backdrop, by choosing from a list of templates, under the ‘Design Settings’ tab. The outcome would appear somewhat like the image represented below.  

Step 4: Share it with your near and dear ones/target audience

    Flip PDF Professional provides users with three practical ways of sharing the flip-page based lookbook.
  • Publish
  • Upload Online
  • Cloud Publish
Depending on your target audience, share it online or straightaway email it to your pals, to publicise your products and show your creative bent of mind, altogether. The software also supports sharing on social media, such as Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, leaving you with ample options to connect with the audience better.     For online sharing, one would require logging in to a new/existing account, to perform the task.  

Step 5: Enjoy the limelight

Prep yourself to receive flattering comments and strengthen your follower base with the multimedia-loaded gripping lookbook.  


If you own a boutique or a chain of stores, get started today! There’s no way, you would regret it. Get free access for the trial version but for better and more professional results, try upgrading it. The choice is yours but the promise is of Flip PDF Professionals!    
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