How To Create A Booklet Using Flip PDF Plus Pro

The idea of a booklet is really straightforward. You can transform draggy presentations and promotional materials into interactive, catchy content that people actually find interesting. So given the stance of your booklets, which can be brochures, catalogs, prospectus, itineraries, program guides, digital magazines, or a strip of comics, any professional or academic digital booklet designs can be converted into attractive flipbooks with Flip PDF Plus Pro. And what’s more, you can add custom videos, special animations, and audio to represent the whole thing in a sophisticated form of media. Here’s how you can create a booklet with a few clicks of the mouse, without any prior knowledge of graphic designing.

Get Started with Your PDF File

The first step to creating awesome flipbooks is to have the idea laid down in a PDF format, together with images. And save it on your desktop.

Next up, you need to download Flip PDF Plus Pro, which you get directly from the website of FlipBuilder. Just hit on the “Download” button below, then save the EXE file on your desktop. That will successfully launch the software. Flipbuilder provides PDF to flipbook software for both Mac and Windows platforms.

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Once you have launched the suite, you can see the icon on your desktop or the destination you have saved on your computer. Double-click on the icon to open it. Select the PDF you wish to convert in the “New Project” tab. The first-rate PDF booklet creator will instantly open a new flipbook.

how to make a booklet

Design the Booklet Seamlessly

Once you have your file created, you can go back and forth to edit it as you desire. You can select from the side panel to customize your booklet’s background and theme. Simpl change the viewing format, for desktops and mobiles at the top right corner. Insert “Bookmark” tabs to help your readers navigate more efficiently. The booklet design software has everything you need to personalize interactive digital booklets as per your preference.

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Publish It on Various Platforms

Once you are done editing your flipbook, you can then publish it on your desktop for use. There are two ways you can publish the flipbook — standard output and advanced output. The standard output supports the file formats of HTML, EXE, APP, APK, or WordPress plug-ins.

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The advanced output supports web publishing, using a built-in FTP server, that can be published to social media platforms, directly emailed, or embedded onto websites. You can just hit the “Upload Online” button, to upload your flipbook into the web server of FlipBuilder.

create a booklet

In order to accomplish this, you must have an account at FlipBuilder Hosting Add-on Service. Or create one in the process using your email address and setting a password.

how to make a booklet

Once you log into your account, you get options to customize the title and description for your book and enable the HTML text version as well. If this is a newer edit of an existing book, you can use the “Override an Existing Flipbook” feature to update the book with the latest edits. Finally, hit the “Upload” button, to upload your book to FlipBuilder Cloud Host. This will allow your books online in their browser on their PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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To Wrap up

Booklets come in a variety of sizes and shapes. However, our digital booklet software makes it a breeze to create a booklet that works well on any screen. It transforms PDFs into page-turning booklets, adding a dynamic dimension to it. The interactive booklets created with the state-of-the-art tool come with an easy-to-use multimedia editor, enabling you to add multimedia elements, like images, videos, and hyperlinks. No designing skills or experience required. Give it a go to create your own booklet within minutes.

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