Cómo crear un epub para Kindle

If you are an aspiring writer and cannot decide where to publish your e-book, try making for Amazon Kindle. In this article, we will walk you through how to create an epub for Kindle with ease.

Why Amazon?

Amazon is more than just a shopping website. It is said to be the largest paid search engine, also dominating the book market. It has a good marketing service that offers your books to others regardless if they know you or not. It gives people equal chances to sell, whether you are old or new. Everyone gets to publish and make a good income using nothing more than your laptop, internet connection, and creativity. You may start with self-publishing books and introduce them to Amazon.

What is Kindle?

Kindle in the English dictionary means light, ignite, and inspire. Just like its meaning, Kindle is designed and marketed by Amazon, an electronic reader device that enables users to browse, purchase, and download e-books. Amazon provides a wide variety of reading materials in their library – from all kinds of books, magazines, blogs, newspaper, and the like. Lately, Kindle was made into an App, to serve Apple and Android users. But just the same, you need to purchase e-books from Amazon, especially if the book that you are looking for is not offered for free.
If you want a hassle-free reading experience, you may subscribe to Amazon for a minimum cost. You can enjoy unlimited offers for a certain period of time.

Guidelines for Creating an Epub for Kindle

E-book is generally known by most people as PDF – a type of file. While in Kindle, readers do not refer to them as e-books as the file type is Epub. On the contrary, other websites and readers use Mobi.

1. planificar

Prepare the draft by starting with the table of contents. Allow yourself to write freely in your own time and will. Go back and edit if you feel like adding and revising. Continuous review will do. Better if you get feedback from your family and friends. Seek help with good editorial skills. This will help you to organize your book in a professional way.

2. Maquetación y Diseño

You need to format and layout your book for Kindle. Use certain programs or software to easily manage it. First impressions last. If you need to hire a graphic designer, do so. Do not take this for granted. Covers are the first thing that people see. Prepare for it. Check the file size that Amazon recommends.
Consider proofreading. Check your book over and over until it becomes error-free.

3. Publicar

Esta es la parte que asusta a la mayoría de la gente. No debería ser tan difícil con estos pasos:

  • Regístrese para obtener una cuenta de Amazon, registre su información fiscal
  • Haga clic en Estantería > Agregar nuevo título
  • Complete el formulario: título del libro, breve descripción, proporcione palabras clave (para motores de búsqueda)
  • Sube la portada en formato Jpeg seguido del archivo del libro
  • Make sure your file looks right by testing it in the Amazon online viewer
  • Haga clic en Guardar y continuar > Derechos y precios > Derechos en todo el mundo
  • Select 70% royalty rate > state your Price – Bracket to maximize your royalty rate is USD 2.99 – 9.99
  • Click Save > Publish

Tendrá noticias de Amazon en 2-4 días. Le enviarán un correo electrónico una vez que su libro esté listo.

4. Promocionar

Start promoting with your friends and family. Kindly ask them to leave a short, ethical review. Reviews are ‘social proof’ that makes your book more attractive to readers. Most first-timers read the reviews prior to buying a book. Better to have the reviews up before Amazon finally publishes your book.

5. Lanzamiento

Para ayudarlo a vender más copias de su libro electrónico, considere lo siguiente:

  • Announce to the public the release of your book via social media or email
  • Un incentivo es un atractivo efectivo para lograr que más personas compren su libro. Algunos son los siguientes:
  • Tasa de reserva anticipada
  • Cupones de descuento
  • Share it with X number of friends and avail of 50% off
kindle publish guide

Para concluir

Digital books can sell pretty fast. Do not wait for publishers to notice your book. Make one now and publish it right away! In the end, if you need to publish a page-flip ebook from PDF, you can turn your eye to Flip PDF Plus Pro, which is a user-friendly software de conversión de flipbook. The all-in-one digital publishing software provides a bunch of solutions to turn PDF files into responsive flipbooks in minutes. Try it out to create an epub effortlessly!

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