So erstellen Sie ein Rezeptbuch online

Was ist Ihr Lieblingsgericht, das Ihre Großmutter zubereitet hat? Haben Sie schon einmal daran gedacht, traditionelle Rezepte neu zuzubereiten? Nun, jetzt können Sie!

Hence, cooking is not only a family tradition but a professional work. Chefs are known for their style of cooking. Some were difficult to follow while others prepared their traditional recipes with a twist. Whether you are a seasoned chef or a pure homemaker, preparing digital recipes will make your life easier.

Young chefs now develop their own recipes mixing from one cuisine to another. Regardless of how modernized our world has become, a lot of people still stick to and prefer their traditional way of cooking. To preserve your recipes from your grandmother, why not create your own recipe book? You can upload and share it with other people. If you want to gift it, have your compiled recipes printed and pass it to your kids when they grow up. You can also simply create a digital recipe book for future use.

Interactive Recipe Book Published by Flip PDF Plus

1. The Advantages of A Digital Recipe Book

  • Easily shared with family and friends – you can send them online.
  • Get rid of your dusty bookshelves – you will no longer need your old magazines with recipes from 10 years ago.

  • Aktualisieren Sie von Zeit zu Zeit – bearbeiten Sie Ihre Rezepte, bis Sie schließlich Ihren perfekten Geschmack gefunden haben.
  • Erwecken Sie Erinnerungen neu – machen Sie Ihrer Familie eine Freude, indem Sie Ihre Lieblingsgerichte zubereiten.
  • Save money from buying cookbooks – compile all recipes that you have and save.
  • Greifen Sie von jedem kompatiblen Gerät aus darauf zu.

2. 4 Steps to Create A Cookbook with Flip PDF Plus

Flip PDF Plus is a user-friendly Software zum Erstellen von Kochbüchern that allows you to create interactive recipe books effortlessly.

(1) Choose a platform

Suchen Sie nach Koch-Websites, die es Menschen ermöglichen, ihre eigenen Kochbücher zu erstellen, zu gestalten und zu veröffentlichen. Wählen Sie benutzerfreundliche Websites, die von Anfängern verwaltet und bearbeitet werden können. Sie bieten mehrere Fotos und Bearbeitungswerkzeuge, um Ihre Rezeptbücher angenehmer zu gestalten.

(2) Compile recipes

Organize All your recipes by compiling them together or sort them occasionally: Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, Birthdays, Wedding, and Halloween. You are free to create a cookbook according to your preferences. Sorting them will save you from searching multiple times.

(3) Customize its appearance

Make your recipes your own by adding photos. Those Instagram photos that you took last summer or your birthday may be of help. You can always choose from the library or upload your photos. Your family will easily look back not only on the food but on the memories you shared that day. Ensure to use catchy yet legible fonts. To avoid confusion on the measurements, try using simple and readable fonts. Lastly, add designs. Make your pages fun to read.

(4) Publish your cookbook

You may opt to publish hard copies for keepsakes and gifts or save them digitally. Having digital cookbooks will make your life easier as you can access them anytime you need them. This quick access to your favorite recipes will make your preparation fast and time-saving.

Wrap it Up

Compiling cookbooks digitally will save you money from buying a lot of recipes and space for all the digitale Zeitschriften and books. You can look back at your recipes when you celebrated your son’s first birthday. A few years later, your recipes will be enjoyed by your grandchildren. By following the 4 steps, I hope that you will create a recipe book with ease. Start now and share your family’s famous recipes!

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