Best PDF to Flipbook Converter for Magazine Publishers

Flip PDF is a powerfull digital publishing tool for publishers to convert static PDFs into interactive digital magazines with rich media. Used chiefly by publishers and marketers, to reach millions of readers, it has helped a lot to come up with an interesting copy of a magazine. A year ago, I was not even aware of it but now most of my digital publications materialise out as online flipbooks. Today, I want to share my experience as a Flip PDF user.  

What Makes The Flip Style Magazine Creator Special?

As a writer, my idea was to reach bookworms all over the world and win their hearts. This was when Flip PDF came as a blessing, helping me to release engaging content and earn at the same time. Yes, you wouldn’t believe, now I can distribute my content on iPad, iPhone and website after I pubilsh. Thanks to this software!    
Best Desktop Digital Publishing Software for Magazines/Brochures


  As I am more into writing and have no clue of HTML, I had given up hope on creating a highly interactive piece that would promote my skills as a writer. However, with Flip PDF, the renowned yet simple digital publishing platform, my dream materialised into reality. Through this PDF to flipbook software, I could even utilise my inherent creativity in the form of image, video and URL insertion to support the writing that I had presented.  

Create an Interactive Magazine from PDF easily

Convert a PDF to Flipbook

If you have a high resolution pdf of your magazine, it is a simple process to convert this PDF to page flip eBook for both desktop and mobile. Flip PDF is able to process your print ready PDF documents directly to an interactive online environment, there is no need to pre-process or modify your PDF documents (no extra work) prior to getting them into the exciting online publishing environment.  

Coming To The Editing Part

The most thrilling part was when I laid my hands on the editing tools, applying unique themes, visuals and even audios to enrich the prepared content. Flip PDF Page Editor enables advanced features and functionality for your PDF conversion including the easy integration of a variety of engaging features such as call-out boxes, embedded video, hyperlinks, shopping carts and photo galleries.  

Share to Millions on Social

Editing was not all. With Flip PDF, I was encouraged to share the links on popular social networking platforms of Facebook and Twitter. This way, I was able to reach a wide audience and received the much-needed exposure that I was waiting for. What amazed my readers the most was when they received short links to an interesting write-up and not massive storage eating files! Since access to them was possible on mobile devices without even time-consuming downloads of software, I was successful in creating something for readers that was easily reachable.  

Concluding Thoughts

For me, coming off with flying colours wouldn’t have been possible, if Flip PDF was complex. To my surprise, it was incredibly user-friendly and I was comfortable using it in my very first attempt. I am sure even a novice can operate it without even requiring spending a penny.    
Best Desktop Digital Publishing Software for Magazines/Brochures


  If such software is available at your fingertips, there’s ample scope of flaunting your creativity and letting your readers enjoy magazines that they always wanted access to. My experience with FLIP PDF was so nice that it has turned out to be my mate, helping me in every sphere, be it editing, sharing or even earning a generous amount.

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