Best 8 AI Video Makers to Animate Everyone (Free & Paid)

If you use an AI video maker to make a video, you will get these benefits: eliminating the need for expensive professional photography equipment, improving work efficiency, starting from scratch, etc. There are various AI animation generators on the market, and it is not easy to find a suitable one. Therefore, we have selected the best eight AI video makers, which are detecting by making a complete video using them.

Mango AI 

Developed by Mango Animate, Mango AI is a cloud-based AI video maker that allows you to convert your ideas to vivid videos featuring a talking presenter. Mango AI has everything you need when creating a high-quality and informative video that resonates with your target audience. Without the need for animation experiences, the tool provides various video templates to simplify your creation. All you need to do is replace the preexisted content with your own. Equipped with over 100 avatars in multiple AI voices, Mango AI makes it easy to engage with your audiences.

  • Animate Photo: Transform your static portraits into dynamic videos within seconds, infusing authority and reliability into your videos
  • Text to Speech: Turn your written content into videos featuring talking presenters, enhancing your storytelling capabilities
  • Realistic AI Avatars: Natural mimicry of human poses and voices is achieved by these AI avatars, which encompass a wide spectrum of ages, ethnicities, and skin tones.


Adapting advanced AI technology, AppyPie is a no-code app development platform that shows its AI video maker for you to create visuals from scratch with only text. The tool will generate animation videos converted from your input text. There is no doubt that you can add background music, sound effects, and other creations to embellish your videos freely. Appypie is designed to meet diverse requirements by consistently refining and expanding its feature set. For users seeking more in-depth advanced features, the platform provides a paid plan.

AI video maker


Fliki AI video maker helps create unique videos converting from your blog posts, PowerPoint presentations, tweets, and even your product listings. This flexibility allows for a seamless video creation experience tailored to your specific needs. Its ease of use and versatility make it an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to enhance their visual content strategy. Moreover, Fliki has the ability to translate your videos into over 70 languages with a few clicks.

AI video maker Fliki


If you are looking for an AI video maker aiming to create informative content quickly, Vyond is the tool to empower you. It is famous for its ease, empowering everyone to generate videos. With this tool, you are permitted to create an AI character by uploading your portraits, translating your video into another language, and enhancing your video by removing background noise. Vyond breathes life into each character by offering lip-syncing and actions for their characters with ease. In this way, it is easy to raise the emotions of your audience in an engaging way.

free AI video generator

Steve AI

Mentioning the AI video maker, Steve AI must be one on our list. Steve AI helps you create animation video converting from text, designed to get your message across effectively. Aside from converting text, the tool does convert audio into videos, or summarize long videos into short-form content. Choosing Steve AI to generate a video is a great decision for those who pursue aesthetics. The AI-powered platform develops premium asset libraries with stunning images, voice-overs, humanlike AI avatars, animations, and much more.

free AI video generator


Powtoon is an AI video maker, designed to simplify the video creation process. Its preset video templates allow you to quickly start your career by selecting a perfect template and then customizing it. You have a plethora of options at your disposal, including the ability to add sound effects, automated motions, and background music. These features help to bring videos to life, making them more engaging and unique. The free AI video generator’s ease of use and its capacity to produce informative yet entertaining content make it an invaluable tool for any marketing strategy.

AI video maker

With Veed, you have the option to create and edit videos with ease, not limited to serving as an AI video maker. You are flexible in telling your stories by adding subtitles, audio, emojis and other material to your videos, impressing your audience in a low-cost way. In addition to the AI video generator, Veed also offers a set of video creation and editing tools or features for everyone to create high-quality content. These are all worth exploring, especially for professionals.

AI video maker


What distinguishes Moovly from other AI video maker tools is its variety of asset materials. Moovly reduces your workflow by using the built-in AI capabilities to generate videos. Not only convert text to videos but craft sophisticated scripts for your content automatically. Thanks to its powerful AI technology, the free AI video generator translates your content from one language to another, converts your voice recording to text, and summarizes your long text in minutes. All these features are designed to make everyone generate high-quality content.

AI video maker

The Best AI Video Maker

When it comes to identifying the premier AI video maker, it’s an inherently subjective decision. This decision is largely dependent on the exact needs and personal preferences that guide your choice. Taking into account all considerations, we highly recommend this AI video maker – Mango AI, owing to its user-friendly features. 


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