What Is New In Recent Software Updates?

Recently, some software has undergone updates. In this article, we’ll explore some of the new features and improvements that have been introduced in recent software updates. Read on to discover what’s new.

Flip PDF Plus Version:6.22.6
Flip PDF Plus Pro Version: 4.24.11
Flip PDF Plus Corporate Version: 6.10.11

Some users have reported difficulty in locating the update information for the software. The update information can be found either within the software or on the product page. Whenever a new version is available, a pop-up window will appear when you open the software, prompting you to update. We recommend that you always use the latest version. After updating the program, you can find the update information in [Preferences]>[Update]>[What’s New]. Clicking on [What’s New] will direct you to the product page.

update to the software
#1 We've added the [Disable browser cache] feature

A new feature called [Disable browser cache] has been added to the latest versions of the software. This feature can be found when you export your flipbook to an HTML formatted file or upload it to the FlipBuilder server. By enabling this feature, the flipbook will always load the most recent version from the server each time it is opened. We recommend enabling this feature if you need to update your book regularly and want your audience to see the latest version without having to clear their browser cache manually. However, enabling this feature may result in longer load times, especially for larger books.

upload online-disable cache
publish offline-disable cache
#2 We've added an option of [Hide at start] to the [Show/Hide] trigger action in the multimedia editor (in Flip PDF Plus Pro or Flip PDF Plus Corporate)

Some users want to use an editor to create a tooltip effect, which means that when the mouse hovers over object A, object B can appear. Before we added the [Hide at start] option, this effect was difficult to achieve. With this option, it is easy to achieve the tooltip effect.
Here is an example: Take the image as object A, and the text [FlipBuilder] as object B
-Select the image to add trigger action: [Trigger Action] >[Trigger When Mouse Over] >[Show/Hide] >Select [FlipBuilder] to be triggered>Select [Show] and Check [Hide at Start].


hide at start

You can also experience the effect by hovering your mouse over the image in the book below.

In order to try out the latest features and updates, kindly update the program to its most recent version.


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