Welcome to the new Flip Builder blog!

We are so excited! We have just finished up the last part of planning out the new blog and know we are going to provide value to our

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users and the online marketing community in general. To begin, let me share with you what you will find here on a weekly basis.


1. Tips and advice on how to build better flip books for sale, marketing and online publications.

2. Ways to better share content with your audience.

3. Best practices in both online marketing and social selling.

4. Studies on virality. AND

5. We will publish our favorite flip books and promote our clients efforts. If you are interested in having your works promoted on our blog, email me at karl@flipbuilder.com.


Well that is what we are up to in a nutshell. Until next time, which will be the first post on tips, we just wanted to thank all of you for your long time support.


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