This Is A Thank You Letter…

This is a belated thank-you letter. We are delighted that you have been our users. We would like to say a big thank you to all of you who have been with us!


In the middle of 2021, we made the difficult but determined decision to take down our old products (Flip PDF, Flip PDF Professional, and Flip PDF Corporate Edition), which we had maintained for over a decade, and launch new products (Flip PDF Plus, Flip PDF Plus Pro, and Flip PDF Plus Corporate). In May 2021, we launched our first new product, Flip PDF Plus, and in the following months, we launched Flip PDF Plus Pro and Flip PDF Plus Pro. We completed the main feature development of these three products by the end of 2022.

The beginning of everything is not so easy, and this is also true for the development of a new product and the launch of a new product. Although we extensively tested the product internally before the official launch, the compatibility of the products may not be as good due to differences in network environments and devices, etc., so it is easier to encounter some problems when using older versions of the products. We are very grateful to the users who have taken the trouble to send us book projects and bug reports. Your participation and suggestions drive us to improve our products. You are involved in a very important part of our products, and it is you who make them better and better.

Every beginning is difficult, but it gets easier from there on. After almost two years, we now just want to shout out “WE ARE ALMOST THERE!”. As we said earlier, we have completed the development and improvement of the basic and main features. The process of using the products is now more user-friendly and smooth. The product is not 100% perfect yet, but we are always working on them.

We would also like to thank some of our users who have used our products for more than five or even ten years. At the very beginning of our new product releases, many of our users have shown a strong willingness to upgrade from the Flip PDF line of products to the Flip PDF Plus line. Words can’t express how much we appreciate your support and encouragement.

For the rest of the time, we should not be adding any major features to the products other than monthly product maintenance. We will, of course, continue to make necessary adjustments to the products for a better user experience. As there will be no more major additions, we will also be updating the user manual and our help center over the next few months. We routinely update one version per month for product maintenance, provided that there are no fatal errors. We recommend that users always keep the products updated to avoid possible errors.

We value your contribution and would like to thank you once again for being our valued customers! We wish the very best for you and your family in 2023!


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