7 Inspiring Training Book PDF Examples: Read Before Crafting Your Training Manual

Research indicates that 94% of employees won’t quit if they are offered training and development opportunities. This points out that a company that gives support to its employees is more likely to boost employee loyalty and engagement. A training book stands out as a valuable resource for companies or organizations of all sizes to achieve this. Whether you want to train new hires or hone experienced employees’ skills, the training book offers an effective way to build a high-performing workforce. In this article, we will share 7 stunning training book example PDFs to inspire you to embark on the creation journey effortlessly.

What Is a Training Book?

A training book or training manual is a comprehensive document that contains detailed information, explanations, examples, and instructions to educate employees on a specific subject and skill. It equips them with a wide span of in-depth knowledge to climb the learning curve and ramp up their workflow. A training book serves as a roadmap that is used to guide employees through a training program. The well-structured training manual is not only a must-need for your company or organization to elevate overall performance but is also suitable for employees for their self-study and career growth.

7 Awesome Training Book Example PDFs to Ignite Your Creativity

Creating a training book can seem like a daunting task, but it is an important one to be sure. Look through our list of impactful training book example PDFs that can facilitate you to get started right away!

1. SNHD Food Handler Training Book

Southern Nevada Health District (aka SNHD) public health department in Las Vegas, Nevada. This training book example PDF details five foodborne illness risk factors to train food handlers on how to prevent foodborne illness. It establishes a set of standards and rules that food handlers must follow. This example also integrates a multitude of images to illustrate what they can’t do.

2. UNECE Training Manual

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) is a regional commission of the United Nations responsible for promoting economic cooperation and integration among its member countries. The training manual example is created by a large team of high-level experts, offering guidelines for trainers to make full preparations for the three-day workshop. It is extremely thorough, furnishing trainers with a set of important skills and tools to stimulate their active involvement.

3. Seismic Customer Service Training Manual

Seismic is a top-tier global sales enablement platform that equips customer-facing teams with the resources they need to clinch more deals. Thus, the training book example PDF focuses primarily on customer service. It includes tips, best practices, do’s and don’ts, and a troubleshooting guide. Each section of the training book is designed to help the customer service team onboard new agents quickly and optimize their service for success.

4. Borealis TA2023 Training Manual

Borealis is an Austrian chemical company and one of the world’s largest providers of polyethylene and polypropylene. With high consideration for safety, the company makes the training book to offer a comprehensive training package to all of the employees and contractors, ensuring safe and efficient working conditions.

5. The Sports Page Grill Server Training Manual

The Sports Page Grill is a sports-themed restaurant and bar, offering delicious food and refreshing drinks. Apart from hands-on training, the company provides its employees with this training book that serves as an additional resource, giving them answers to any questions concerning the operating procedures, rules, policies, and benefits. The training manual demonstrates a list of principles for employees to adhere to the company’s policies, creating a welcoming and fantastic dining atmosphere for customers.

6. Rockwell Automation Machinery Safebook

If your employees operate heavy machinery, then you should check out this machinery use training book example PDF. Rockwell Automation is a prominent industrial automation company. The training book is incredibly detailed, specifying principles, standards, and implementation to ensure safety requirements for machinery use. As a technology innovator, the company utilizes its training manual to ensure a safe workplace.

7. ECSACOG Training Manual

ECSACOG is an autonomous organization that is dedicated to improving healthcare standards in the region of East, Central, and Southern Africa. The training manual example provides basic information about the training and examinations of the organization. It is intended for all individuals who are interested in learning about the ECSACOG training program, not limited to its trainees.

Create an Interactive Training Book

A training book is an essential tool for organizations and companies looking to train and empower their employees. It benefits both your company and your employees, allowing for higher employee engagement and a smoother training process. This article has showcased a collection of well-crafted training book example PDFs above that you can utilize as a starting point to create your own training manual. Crafting a professional training manual may sound like an uphill task, but with the right tool, you will generate an impactful one in a breeze. Flip PDF Plus Pro is an all-in-one digital training book creator that converts PDF training manuals into digital flipbooks within minutes. With it, you can create an interactive training manual that makes a true impact. Free to try it out today!

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