Make A Family Photo Book For Christmas

The COVID-19 pandemic has been raging for three years now. The pandemic reminds us of the vulnerability of life and what is most important in life. Your loved ones, your health, your happiness…

The long-awaited holiday season is quickly approaching. Do you intend to spend it with your family? Have you come up with any surprises for your family? How about creating a special and unique family photo book to take a look at 2022 or the past and share it with your family members? Let me tell you why that’s a great idea.

Why Family Photo Is So Important?

Are you a person who likes to document your family life by taking photos? I feel like it’s such a special way to remember all of the little moments that make up our lives. There are three reasons to tell you why the family photo is so important.

#1 Documenting growth

Once time has passed, you cannot get it back. Especially for parents, it’s incredible to see how your kids grow up. Kids grow up so fast! In the blink of an eye, your kid can go from a toddler to an adult. Have you seen a movie called “Boyhood,” that documents 12 years of a boy’s growth? Making a movie about 12 years of life can be a bit of a pipe dream for us, but beyond this, we can take photos to document our lives and growth, which is much easier!

#2 Reliving memories

The photos capture our memories, and I’m sure you know how crucial it is to preserve them! It’s hard to remember what happened prior to our brain maturing. In psychology, there is a phenomenon known as childhood amnesia. It says that we can rarely remember what happened before the age of three. In fact, we have a vague memory of events before the age of seven.

While it may be challenging to recall memories from the past, viewing old photos can help us to remember what happened. What’s interesting is that our imagination also comes from our memories. Photos connect us to the past– they remind us and who we have met. Our past experience shapes the person we are today. Of course, photos are not the only way to remember the past; we can also hear about it from friends and family, but it’s nowhere near as immersive as photos.

#3 Enhancing family members’ relationship

Family photos are important because they capture moments in time that can be shared and cherished for years to come. They provide a way for families to connect with their past and present, and to share memories with future generations. They can be a source of comfort and joy, and can help to keep families connected even when they are apart.

What Is The Best Way To Share The Photos?

We take a lot of photos to document our lives with our families, so what’s the best way to share them? Send them one by one on social media sites? Or print them out? Imagine the mess it could be.

FlipBuilder provides the best choice for you. It is to create an electronic photo book from your photos. You can sort your photos by time, people, location, even color palette, etc., and save them as an electronic photo book. With the electronic photo book, you could share it with your family and friends, regardless of time and place.


How To Make An Electronic Family Photo Book With FlipBuilder Program?

Interested in making a photo book? Below are the steps:

#1 Collect photos

You can first start by organizing and labeling photos. Our program supports importing PDFs and images, so you can create a pdf from photos and then import it, as well as importing photos directly. The maximum image size in our programs is 10 MB and the recommended maximum pixel dimension of 1960 by 1280 pixels per image. We do not recommend using excessively large images, as it tends to reduce the rendering effect and can make the photo book take longer to load. Most common image file formats are supported by our programs, such as JPG, JEPG, PNG and BMP.

#2 Import photos to the program

Import a photo folder or add the photos one by one. Click the [Import] button and wait a few minutes for the book generated.


Import photos-Make A Family Photo Book for Christmas

#3 Customize the interface of the photo book, by changing a template, scene, theme, etc.

Change a template, scene and theme: There is a number of built-in templates, scenes and themes in the program. You are able to apply them to the books by a few clicks. 

If you want to customize the background image, click [Settings] >[Background] to use your own photo as the background image.

background image-make a family photo book

Would you like to make a Christmas vibe family photo book? It’s a piece of cake! Use the [Snow] animation scene in [Scene] and which will probably let you feel an actual happy white Christmas.

Add background sound: Is there a song that represents your family or that conjures up a common memory for your family members? If there is one, you can also add it as the background sound of your family photo book.

background sound-make a family photo book

#4 Enrich the photo book with multimedia content

Want your family members feel more engaged? In addition to the photos, you are also allowed to add multimedia content to your photo book with the editor in Flip PDF Plus Pro or Flip PDF Plus Corporate. To share the stories behind the photos, add audio files to the photos or writing down the stories using the [Text] feature in it. Also, embed video to convey a more immersive experience. Get more tips about creating an engaging photo book, see guidelines>

Let’s Get It.

This doesn’t look too difficult, does it? Try to make a family photo book for your family members and show your family just how important they are to you.

“Love shall be our token,

Love be yours and love be mine,

Love to God and all men,

Love for plea and gift and sign.”


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