Best 8 Digital Preschool Coloring Books for Kids to Paint Coloring Pages

Coloring books are vital educational materials that benefit kids in many ways, such as sparking their creativity, igniting their imagination, and improving motor skills. The dominance of digital technology in this rapidly growing era fuels the surge of digital coloring books. In this article, I would like to show you the best 8 digital preschool coloring books that are downloaded for free and suitable for kids to color.

8 Free Digital Coloring Books (Downloads & Printable as PDF) 

1. Little Lucy’s Good Luck

This digital coloring book tells the story of a girl named Lucy who remains positive even though she experiences various mishaps. It discovers the true meaning of luck and encourages kids to be optimistic when everything is going wrong. This preschool coloring book created with Flip PDF Plus Pro is easily shared with others via the URL or QR code.

Page: 38

Page Size: A4

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2. ABCs Coloring Book

It has over 50 pages of full-page illustrations of A-Z letters. These line drawings may be intricate for younger children to color. Just download it for kids to paint coloring pages that they are interested in.

Page: 38

Page Size: 8.50×10.98 in (Portrait)

File Size: 2,000 KB

3. Farm Coloring Book

This digital coloring book goes beyond simple coloring pages, offering some engaging workbook activities, like matching games and dot-to-dot puzzles. Children not only learn about farm animals, tools, and activities but also get a taste of farm life.

Page: 54

Page Size: 8.28×11.69 in (Portrait)

File Size: 953 KB

4. My Bugs Coloring Ebook

It is a preschool coloring book that comes loaded with 40 pages of diverse insects. Children will get to know 39 species of bugs and have fun coloring them. Kids who are absorbed in nature are delighted to paint coloring pages about bugs.

Page: 40

Page Size: 8.50×10.98 in (Portrait)

File Size: 454 KB

5. Dinosaur Coloring Book

A collection of different dinosaurs is available to color in the digital coloring book. All paintings are simple line drawings that are perfect for young children to color for pleasure and fulfillment.

Page: 31

Page Size: 8.50×10.98 in (Portrait)

Allow sharing & printing

6. My Boat Toon Coloring Book

It has a full 33 pages of boats. Kids who are keen on maritime adventure can’t miss out! They can learn and color many types of boat toons in the digital coloring book. Free to download the printable coloring book for them to paint coloring pages and stimulate their creativity.

Page: 33

Page Size: 8.50×10.98 in (Portrait)

File Size: 398 KB 

7. Flower Coloring Pages

Want to paint coloring pages of flowers? Kids will find a variety of beautiful flower pictures to color in the preschool coloring books, from simple outlines to more detailed drawings. Dive into a world of colors and craft stunning masterpieces.

Page: 53

Page Size: 8.50×10.98 in (Portrait)

File Size: 1,294 KB 

8. My Dragon Coloring Ebook

Paint coloring pages of dragons to make them come to life! Featuring cartoon-style dragon illustrations, these pages are fit for kids to enjoy coloring. Download and print the preschool coloring book for free.

Page: 35

Page Size: 8.50×10.98 in (Portrait)

Allow sharing & printing

Interactive Preschool Coloring Book Creator – Flip PDF Plus Pro

Flip PDF Plus Pro is an all-in-one digital coloring book creator that converts static PDFs and images to page-flipping ebooks. It comes with a wide range of advanced features for you to create interactive preschool coloring books, encouraging children to paint coloring pages with fun. With Flip PDF Plus Pro, you also can:

  • Add meticulously designed themes and scenes to flipbooks;
  • Import audio clips as background music;
  • Upload logo URLs and images;
  • Share ebooks via links, QR codes, or through social media platforms;
  • Embed flipbooks into websites, learning management systems, etc.


Free to download and print the above 8 digital coloring books for kids to immerse themselves into a burst of colors. If you are looking for an easy-to-use coloring book tool, please don’t miss out on Flip PDF Plus Pro. Get a free trial of it to make a captivating preschool coloring book effortlessly.

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