Happy New Year and spring festival

February 10th marks the New Year for over 1 billion people. It also kicks off the year of the Black Snake, a year that will focus on steady progress and attention to detail. ?This year the fruits of labor will go to those that focus and stay consistent in their efforts. At Flipbuilder we are excited to help people increase their marketing successes by delivering content in more accessible ways.

But while Chinese New Year is a well known holiday around the world, what is less know is that it is followed by a week long holiday know as Golden Week. It was initiated by the government to strengthen family structures as many migrant workers work far from their families. It is a wonderful thought to give people the time to start each year with their families and as a company founded in Hong Kong, many of our team members will be observing.

So to all of you celebrating, enjoy your time off and recharge. The year of the Snake is going to demand your finest effort and we are here to help you find new forms of success.

Happy New Year from Flipbuilder.


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