Getting feedback, the importance of letting people review your work before publishing.

Self publishing is awesome. The fact that anyone can write anything and publish it with the potential of all two billion internet eyeballs viewing it is one of the greatest freedoms of the internet and social media. Sadly this freedom does come at a price. In our do it, see it, touch it, get it right this very second if not faster world we are tempted to just write things up and publish them. Wait, I take that back, we are not tempted, millions of us just write something up and then release it to the world. Then we wonder why people don’t flock to our content and fall in love with it (us).

Whether it is a wedding album or your manifesto, one thing the ease of self publishing on the net should not stop you from doing is editing. Whether it is typos or context, intent or delivery, having your content reviewed before publishing is often what makes the difference between an OK read that is forgotten as fast as it was found and content that is revered and shared over and over again.

Now when it comes to blog posts (like this one), nothing more than a spell check and a couple of personal rereads is needed. People do not expect a blog to be all spit and polish. In fact, it is the opposite of the purpose of these running streams of quick reads and thoughts. BUT WHEN IT COMES TO AN eBOOK or Flipping Book, a presentation on Slideshare,?or a video on YouTube, you really should have several sets of eyes reviewing your work.

A final thought. Make it people that will tell you the truth. You want harsh critics that make your work better, not gladhanders and yes men more concerned about your feelings than a great work. Take the criticism, swallow your pride and get to great work!


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