10 Welcome Book Examples to Amaze Airbnb Vacation Rental Guests

Looking to attract your guests and greet them with a warm welcome? One of the key tools to achieve this is creating an Airbnb welcome book. It not only enables interaction with guests but also enhances their overall journey. Whether you’re renting out a tiny cabin or a granny villa, having a well-crafted Airbnb guest book is a must-have resource. If you are unsure of where to begin, don’t worry! In this article, we have compiled a collection of stunning Airbnb welcome book examples to inspire you and help you get started with ease.

What is an Airbnb Welcome Book?

Airbnb welcome book, also referred to as an Airbnb guest book, is a comprehensive document that contains a wealth of information about your Airbnb property and surrounding area. It serves as a friendly guide for guests throughout their entire stay, ensuring they feel as cozy and comfortable as they would stay in their own homes. From must-know property details to local recommendations, having a vacation rental guest book saves you valuable time in repeatedly answering common questions that guests may have. By setting the tone for the guest experience, the welcome book can improve guest satisfaction and lead to positive reviews, thereby increasing repeat bookings and referrals.

What Should Go into an Airbnb Welcome Book?

If you decide to create your own Airbnb guest book, there’s one thing you should always remember: provide helpful information for your guest in every section. Below are our suggestions on what an informative Airbnb welcome book include:

  • Welcome letter: A warm greeting or message that expresses your happiness for their stay and makes your guests feel welcome;
  • Contact information: Contact details of you or someone else who can help guests in case of issues or questions, including phone numbers, email addresses, and emergency contacts;
  • Check-in and check-out procedures: All steps from the arrival of guests to their departure;
  • Property information: Details about the property, such as layout, amenities, parking, Wi-Fi passwords, and appliance instructions;
  • House rules: Clear guidelines on check-in and check-out times, noise policies, smoking regulations, pet rules, and other important regulations;
  • Local recommendations: Suggestions for nearby attractions, restaurants, cafes, shops, and other points of interest in the area.

10 Amazing Airbnb Welcome Book Examples

Let’s go over the 10 well-designed Airbnb welcome book examples created with Flip PDF Plus Pro for inspiration.

1. Coastal House Airbnb Welcome Book Example

Located between Kato Paphos and the Coral Bay area, Julipapas Gardens comprises maisonettes and villas to offer guests spacious accommodations and a fantastic stay. The page-turning vacation rental guest book introduces house rules, nearby restaurants and bars, transportation options, and local attractions. This facilitates guests to access everything they need to know about the resort and its surroundings. Since Julipapas Gardens furnishes swimming pools, its welcome book integrates pool rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests.

2. Nature House Airbnb Welcome Book Example

Situated in a farmland setting renowned for its Irish Linen, Sunset Glamping hopes its guests enjoy spectacular sunsets over the Sperrin mountains and a tranquil holiday. Converted from a PDF format, the digital Airbnb guest book made with Flip PDF Plus Pro looks more attractive. It begins with a warm welcome message and then goes on to outline house rules, emergency contacts, and hot tub guidelines. A clickable link is added to the vacation guest book, allowing one-click access to the resort’s website. An extensive library of landscape pictures showcases must-visit places nearby, making sure guests don’t miss out on memorable scenes during their stay.

3. Sandton Townhouse Airbnb Welcome Book Example

The vacation rental guest book created by No.2 Four Seasons is designed to match the chic style of its Sandton accommodation. Its table of contents sets itself apart from other welcome book examples. As guests click on the topic, the book will go straight to the desired page. This assists them in locating the content they are interested in seamlessly. Moreover, the insertion of email addresses with clickable hyperlinks enables guests to contact the host seamlessly. The host thoughtfully summarizes transportation choices, dining hotspots, entertainment destinations, nearby stores, and places of interest near the townhouse.

4. Beach Villas Airbnb Welcome Book Example

Differing from other vacation rentals, Villas by the Sea is situated on North Jekyll Island, offering a unique setting for guests to enjoy various occasions, such as family holidays, weddings, and business conferences. Its vacation rental guest book stands out with its well-designed background from Flip PDF Plus Pro, perfectly aligning with the resort’s coastal style. The guest book is not just visually pleasing but also highly informative. Two maps provide valuable information about the property and its surroundings. The welcome book incorporates curated recommendations for local restaurants, best bars, and convenient transportation options.

5. Luxury Vacation Rental Airbnb Welcome Book Example

Nestled in the heart of the Windham Path, New York, Hotel Vienna is a perfect retreat for nature lovers and those seeking a scenic walking or biking experience. With 14 pages, its Airbnb guest book presents a minimalist design. It starts with a concise introduction of the property and then goes on to list house rules, local restaurants, best bars, wineries, and transportation choices. The Airbnb welcome book example also incorporates clickable links to the websites of recommended sightseeing spots, allowing guests to access more information effortlessly. The additional notes and tips sprinkle through the welcome book, letting the guests feel supported throughout their stay.

6. Valley House Airbnb Welcome Book Example

The suite, named “Hawkes Hill” by the host, is positioned in a peaceful country with picturesque views overlooking the Columbia River valley. Due to occasional GPS inaccuracies leading guests astray, the Airbnb guest book prioritizes a thorough explanation of the driveway, along with some pictures, to ensure guests can find their way without difficulty. It covers home rules, amenities, and appliance instructions. The host lists some activities that guests can enjoy within the property, including taking in the gorgeous views from the deck, relaxing in the hot tub, and having a BBQ.

7. Cottage Airbnb Welcome Book Example

Mainly in blue and white design, the Airbnb guest book from Muskoka District Rentals gives guests a comprehensive source of information. The host inserts a unique logo, header, and footer with clickable links to the website pages, enabling guests to smoothly navigate and access details about the cottage rental. The book goes beyond text by comprising captivating pictures of the garden, lake views, sunsets, and waterfront scenes. These visuals give guests a glimpse of the natural beauty. One of the outstanding features of the Airbnb welcome book example is the use of icons to highlight the amenities available at the vacation spot. Flip PDF Plus Pro facilitates this process, enabling you to create an aesthetically pleasing guest book with diverse visual elements.

8. Lodge Airbnb Welcome Book Example

Positioned on Aspen’s Main Street, Tyrolean Lodge stands as a family-owned hotel offering affordable yet quality accommodation. The host’s personal touch shines through the vacation rental guest book with a heartfelt welcome letter, conveying sincere appreciation for the guests’ stay. As the host hopes guests have a wonderful journey in Aspen Mountain, he highlights a section of curated insights about the mountain and skiing guidelines, helping guests revel in Aspen’s natural beauty. The welcome book example introduces local attractions, hiking trails, and biking routes with an array of appealing pictures.

9. Lakeside House Airbnb Welcome Book Example

Nestled in the heart of the Natal Midlands, Share Our Africa offers a luxurious and family-friendly lakeside retreat called The Fisherman’s Cottage. Guests can find detailed information about the house and area in the vacation rental guest book, such as load shedding, Wi-Fi access, and amenities. The host summarizes a variety of activities guests can enjoy during their stay and a curated list of wonderful places to visit around the area. The Airbnb guest book example includes contact information of doctors, dentists, on-site personnel, Nsele Emergency Service, and so on. A QR code is added to the book to encourage guests to share their experiences on Instagram.

10. Farm Airbnb Welcome Book Example

Stillwater Stable is a 60-acre horse farm by the lakeside, welcoming guests with cozy cabins, an intimate indoor event venue, and natural outdoor spaces for large groups. The digital Airbnb guest book impresses guests by adding high-resolution images to display the fully furnished property. Import a hand-printed map to show various spots within the large farm, assisting guests in navigating the resort and adding a touch of charm to the vacation rental. To increase the appeal of your welcome book, you can add crisp images and videos using Flip PDF Plus Pro.

Go Digital with Your Airbnb Welcome Book

Having discovered the 10 vacation rental guest book examples, it’s time to dive in and create your own Airbnb guest book! Flip PDF Plus Pro is a user-friendly welcome book creator that converts your PDFs into page-flip Airbnb guest books effortlessly. It allows you to integrate essential features, covering a table of contents, clickable links, images, and videos. With the powerful tool, you can craft, publish, and share an interactive Airbnb welcome book to captivate more guests and enhance their stay experience. Ready to leave a lasting impression on your guests? Get a free trial and unleash your creativity to become an Airbnb Superhost!

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