Cómo crear un libro de fotos en línea

The idea of a page-flipping eBook, with high-quality colored images and graphics makes it a valuable resource in diverse applications. From children’s books or graphic novels to wedding photo books; or a decorated photo album, Flip PDF Plus empowers you to crear un libro de fotos en línea with ease. You can do this using your Windows or Mac desktops in a matter of a few minutes. In this article, we will walk you through the simple process of digital photo book creation.

Instructions on How to Create a Digital Photo Book

Step 1: Import Your Images or PDF Files

Before getting started, first compile your images or bunch your images together in a PDF file. Now, launch the Flip PDF Plus software on your Windows or Mac desktop, and click on the "Importar PDF" o “Import Image” button to instantly get a flipping book. Now, you can design your book in a way to make it more magical.

crear un libro de fotos

Step 2: Design Your Photo Books With Magical Elements

To bring some magical elements to your photo book, go to the “Editor multimedia” tab in the main window. There are plenty of things you can create for a photo book, with the help of the multimedia editor. Below is a step-by-step process of doing it.

  • Add a full-fledged photo album by adding images or links

Utilizar el “Open Link” opción para insertar un cuadro de enlace, en cualquier parte del libro; o, utilice el "Añadir imagen" option to insert image boxes. The software supports image file formats of .jpg, .png, and .bmp. Finally, hit "Ahorrar" to output your photo ebook with the flip-through element.

digital photo book

  • Add Text to your photo book

Add textual content in various styles of appearance which includes plain text to caption an image, callouts for information, animated text and star words text for drama, and dynamic text that scrolls up, as needed in featuring end credits. You can get all the icons in the Text section, and then edit your desired text layout. There are multiple fonts, font styles, and colors to choose from.

photo book maker

  • Special effects to your photo book

Puede hacer mucho más con su característica, con efectos especiales esenciales, que puede usar para crear álbumes de boda decorativos, una carpeta de fotografías impresionante, un libro infantil mágico o una enciclopedia interactiva. Ve a la “Trigger Action” section, and choose from any type of effects you like. These special effects not only offer more detailed information but also add a dynamic touch to your photo book.

crear un libro de fotos

  • Integrate videos and audio

If you record videos for some important events, such as weddings, birthday parties, and traveling, adding videos to the photo book will enrich the content and evoke your precious memories effectively.

digital photo book

Paso 3: Publica y Disfruta 

Simplemente haga clic en el "Publicar" option to launch your photo book on your computer. Select from file formats of EXE/HTML/APP/APK. You may also choose according to the Plugin you wish to publish directly to WordPress. You can also click the “Subir en línea” to use our Servicio adicional de hospedaje to publish the photo book into the cloud platform of your FlipBuilder account and share or email from thereupon.

digital photo book maker


See? It’s that easy! With Flip PDF Plus, it just takes 3 steps to create an online photo book. Interactive photo albums serve as triggers for your remarkable memories. What sets the software de libro de fotos apart from the rest is its easy sharing feature. Simply attach the URL to an email or directly distribute the photo album through a variety of social media channels, like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, ensuring your photo book gets the attention it deserves. Without further delay, let’s dive into Flip PDF Plus to preserve your memorable moments!

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