Best 8 Free Online Invitation Maker Apps to Design Your Own Wedding Cards

Planning your dream wedding involves attention to every detail, and designing the perfect wedding invitation is no exception. Fortunately, the digital age has ushered in a wave of creativity, offering myriad options to personalize your special day. In the world of free online invitation makers, finding the right platform can be key to crafting invitations that reflect your style and set the tone for the celebration. Whether you’re envisioning a traditional affair or a modern soiree, the best online wedding invitations often begin with the right tool. In this article, we’ll explore the 8 best wedding invitation card maker apps, empowering you to design your own wedding cards effortlessly and infuse your personality into every detail of your invites. Discover user-friendly interfaces, creative templates, and the freedom to bring your vision to life without breaking the bank. Let’s embark on the journey of creating memorable and stunning wedding invitations with these top-notch free online invitation makers.

1. Flip PDF Plus Pro

Flip PDF Plus Pro is your go-to solution as a versatile and user-friendly free online invitation maker. This innovative platform seamlessly combines ease of use with professional design features, allowing you to create stunning invitations effortlessly. Whether it’s for a wedding, birthday, or corporate event, Flip PDF Plus Pro offers a wide range of customizable options and intuitive tools. With its user-friendly interface and powerful design capabilities, this free online invitation maker empowers you to express your creativity without any hassle. Elevate your event planning experience with Flip PDF Plus Pro, making invitation creation a delightful and stress-free process.

2. Evite

Evite stands out as the best wedding invitation card maker app, offering a seamless and free online invitation creation experience. With Evite, the process of crafting elegant and personalized wedding invitations becomes effortlessly simple. This innovative platform combines user-friendly design tools with a vast array of customizable templates, allowing couples to bring their unique vision to life. Evite provides the perfect canvas for expressing individuality from classic to contemporary styles. Embrace the convenience of digital invitations without compromising on sophistication. Improve your wedding preparations with Evite – the go-to choice for those seeking the best in online invitation creation.

best wedding invitation card maker app

3. Smilebox

Smilebox, a leading name in the realm of online invitation creation, emerges as the best solution for crafting exquisite wedding invitations. This free platform seamlessly blends creativity and convenience, empowering users to design personalized invitations that capture the essence of their special day. With diverse templates and intuitive customization tools, Smilebox ensures that every couple can curate the perfect invitation suite. Elevate your wedding announcements with the best online wedding invitations that reflect your unique style. Smilebox simplifies the process and adds a touch of elegance to your digital invitations, making your wedding preparations a joyous experience.

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4. Punchbowl

Punchbowl takes the spotlight as a premier free wedding card maker, offering a user-friendly online platform for crafting stunning invitations. As the go-to creator for free wedding cards, Punchbowl provides a seamless experience, allowing couples to infuse their personality into every detail. With an extensive array of templates and customizable features, this platform ensures that designing the perfect wedding invitation is cost-free and effortlessly enjoyable. Prepare your wedding with Punchbowl’s intuitive tools, making the creation of beautiful and unique invitations a delightful experience. Choose Punchbowl for a free, hassle-free, and stylish wedding card creation journey.

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5. FlipHTML5

Discover the convenience and creativity of FlipHTML5, the ultimate free online invitation card maker specializing in crafting exquisite wedding cards. As a versatile platform, FlipHTML5 seamlessly transforms your wedding card design ideas into stunning digital invitations. Offering an array of customizable templates and user-friendly design tools, this free wedding card maker ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. Elevate your wedding announcement with FlipHTML5’s innovative features, allowing you to create personalized and visually captivating invitations effortlessly. Embrace the future of digital invitations without compromising on elegance and individuality. FlipHTML5 is your go-to choice for a free online invitation maker that transcends traditional boundaries.

free wedding card maker

6. Vistacreate

Elevate your wedding announcement with Vistacreate, acclaimed as the best online wedding invitation creator. This free online invitation maker combines simplicity with sophistication, providing a seamless platform to design personalized invitations that capture the essence of your special day. Vistacreate stands out for its user-friendly interface and diverse templates, empowering couples to express their unique style effortlessly. Whether opting for classic elegance or contemporary flair, Vistacreate ensures your invitations mirror your vision perfectly. Choose Vistacreate for a remarkable experience in crafting the best online wedding invitations, harmonizing creativity and convenience for a truly memorable celebration.

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7. Visme

Discover the unparalleled creativity of Visme, your go-to choice for the best wedding invitation card maker app. As a versatile design tool, Visme seamlessly combines innovation and user-friendly features, ensuring the effortless creation of interactive invitations. Tailor your wedding announcements precisely, choosing from a diverse range of templates catering to every style. Visme stands out as the epitome of sophistication, providing a platform where couples can effortlessly infuse their unique personalities into their invitations. Elevate your wedding preparations with the best wedding invitation card maker app, redefining the art of digital invitations and ensuring your celebration begins with a touch of extraordinary elegance.

best wedding invitation card maker app

8. BeFunky

Unleash your creativity with BeFunky, a dynamic and user-friendly free online invitation maker that revolutionizes the art of crafting personalized event announcements. BeFunky offers a seamless platform, merging simplicity with innovation to empower users to design captivating invitations effortlessly. Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday, or any special occasion, BeFunky’s diverse templates and intuitive tools make the process enjoyable and stress-free. Elevate your event preparations with this free online invitation maker, where customization knows no bounds.

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9. Greenvelope

Step into the world of Greenvelope, a pioneer in the realm of free online invitation makers. Redefining the art of digital invites, Greenvelope combines elegance with eco-consciousness, offering a seamless platform for creating exquisite event announcements. As a premier free online invitation maker, Greenvelope boasts a diverse range of customizable templates, ensuring every occasion receives a touch of personalized sophistication. With a commitment to environmental sustainability, Greenvelope allows you to celebrate with style while minimizing your carbon footprint. Elevate your event planning experience with Greenvelope, where creativity meets convenience, making the journey of designing and sending digital invitations a delightful and environmentally conscious endeavor.

best wedding invitation card maker app


In conclusion, these best 8 free online invitation maker apps offer diverse tools and templates, ensuring that designing your wedding cards is a delightful and personalized experience. From the simplicity of Vistacreate to the eco-conscious elegance of Greenvelope, each platform caters to unique preferences. Whether you’re seeking the best online wedding invitations or a free wedding card maker, these apps empower couples to infuse their celebrations with individuality and style. With user-friendly interfaces and innovative features, these invitation makers not only simplify the process but elevate it, turning the creation of wedding invitations into a seamless, enjoyable, and cost-free endeavor for every couple embarking on their journey toward marital bliss.


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