7 Stunning Digital Travel Guide Examples for Your Creative Design

A travel guide remains an integral tool for numerous travelers who are planning or already on their trip. It serves as a roadmap to provide travelers with helpful insights, enabling them to have an enjoyable and unforgettable journey. The days of carrying hefty printed guides are over thanks to the rise of digital travel guides which are more accessible to travelers anytime and anywhere. In this article, we have compiled 7 awesome travel guide examples that you will draw inspiration from to create an eye-catching travel ebook.

What is a Travel Guide?

A travel guide is a valuable resource for travelers, containing a wealth of information about a particular destination or region, including its geography, history, culture, climate, and more. It not only lists top attractions but also offers insider tips on activities that travelers can enjoy there, like outdoor adventures, cultural events, and nightlife. With a well-curated tour guide book incorporating accurate and current information, travelers are able to arrange their schedules properly, maximize their time, and enhance their travel experience.

7 Inspiring Digital Travel Guide Examples

The digital age has ushered in a revolution, with digital tour guide books becoming popular among travelers all over the world. Whether you are seeking inspiration or aiming to craft an appealing guide, these 7 travel guide examples created with Flip PDF Plus Pro are sure to guide you in the right direction.

1. Paris Travel Guide Example

Paris stands as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world which is renowned for its art and fashion. The tour guide book is published by Now-or-Never-Travel, an online platform specializing in crafting personalized travel trips. It brings curated content from destination experts to the table, giving you comprehensive information about Paris, such as transportation, historical landmarks, top tours, local flavors, and major events. As you read the digital travel guide, you will notice that it looks like a real, physical book, along with page-flipping sound effects. Flip PDF Plus Pro brings life to the PDF tour guide book by transforming it into an online, dynamic format, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

2. New Jersey Travel Guide Example

New Jersey is a state situated in the northeastern United States, famous for its notable resort towns, boardwalk beaches, and casinos. The Official Travel Guide of New Jersey is designed to encourage visitors to explore the beautiful state further. It starts with travel tips and a warm welcome message from the governor. Then it presents New Jersey in two parts. The first section is a general overview, listing fascinating points of interest, local favorites, and memory-making accommodations. Another section is detailed information about some highly recommended regions where you can kickstart your extraordinary Jersey adventures. The digital travel guide example is characterized by a meticulously designed background from Flip PDF Plus Pro, perfectly complementing the guide’s style and increasing the aesthetic appeal.

3. Turkey Travel Guide Example

Nestled between Asia and Europe, Turkey is a spectacular piece of land with a captivating cultural fusion of the East and the West, constantly drawing a myriad of travelers from across the world. The tour guide book showcases Turkey’s top 7 destinations, encompassing Istanbul, Cappadocia, and Troy. Each destination is explored through 4 key aspects: notable tourist spots, must-do activities, delicious delicacies, and shopping centers. This guide integrates beautiful images that display picturesque views of Turkey. The twinkling stars animation effect in the background adds a dynamic touch to the digital travel guide, creating an immersive reading experience for the audience.

4. Utah Travel Guide Example

Utah is a landlocked state in the Western United States, which is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and natural splendor. The tour guide book curates in-depth knowledge and insider recommendations on Utah, covering scenic national parks, local cuisine, cultural heritage sites, and ski resorts. A noteworthy feature of the digital travel guide example is its clickable table of contents, allowing one-click access to the specific chapter. This facilitates the audience to navigate the book smoothly and enhances the reading experience. Besides, inserted hyperlinks point to various web pages, helping them get more resources with ease.

5. Singapore Travel Guide Example

Singapore is an island country and one of the most modern cities in Southeast Asia. It mixes technology, innovation, and natural beauty, becoming a vibrant tourist destination. With 24 pages, the tour guide book gives you a clear picture of Singapore from the facets of history, currency, weather, languages, etc. It offers guidance on transportation options, such as planes, taxis, MRTs, and buses. In addition, the guide contains embedded buttons with hyperlinks that seamlessly direct the audience to the official websites of mobility service platforms, like Grab, Ryde, and Tada. It also includes a map featuring clickable icons, which is made possible by Flip PDF Plus Pro, ensuring a convenient and delightful exploration of Singapore.

6. North Lake Como Travel Guide Example

North Lake Como is the northernmost part of Lake Como which is an upscale resort area in Italy. Surrounded by mountains, it is an area of uncontaminated landscape beauty. The destination is a paradise for all kinds of sports enthusiasts, so the tour guide book highlights a variety of sports activities, including hiking, cycling, sailing, and skiing, to let the audience have a memorable experience. Then it goes on to outline natural places, historical palazzos, traditional food, and practical advice. Email addresses are intelligently inserted into the digital travel guide example, enabling you to open them in new tabs with a simple click. This supports you in contacting tourist offices if needed. Furthermore, QR codes in the guide make it effortless to gather additional insights during your journey.

7. New Zealand Travel Guide Example

Similar to Singapore, New Zealand is an island nation often revered as “God’s country”. The thorough tour guide book begins by providing an overview of New Zealand, including its top tourist attractions, accommodations, and dining options. Then it delves into various regions of the country, such as Auckland, Bay of Islands, and Wellington. The digital travel guide example features a minimalist design, paired with detailed descriptions of attractions and a collection of impressive images. These elements help travelers gain a better understanding of New Zealand. With Flip PDF Plus Pro, you can apply different layouts and import images to enhance the visual appeal of the tour guide book.

Create an Interactive Travel Guide Now

Now that we have discovered the 7 digital travel guide examples, it’s time to create your own one. Flip PDF Plus Pro is a game-changer in this process. It has a wide range of robust features that empower you to convert static PDFs to interactive digital tour guide books in a breeze. The travel guide maker supports the addition of multimedia elements, like images, audio, videos, and hyperlinks, to help you enrich the content and engage the audience. What sets Flip PDF Plus Pro apart is its easy updating feature, which enables you to make changes and updates to the guide at any time you want. This can ensure your content remains up-to-date and relevant. So, are you ready to make your first digital travel guide? Give it a go right away!

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