10 Awesome PDF Brand Book Examples for More Content Ideas

Looking for an efficient way to communicate your brand? A brand book is the answer! It is also known as the brand bible, which defines every aspect of a brand’s identity, from its mission statement and brand story to visual identity. A brand book provides an in-depth look into brand strategy, playing a critical role in expressing the essence of your brand and ensuring your workforce is on the same page. Thus, creating a brand book is the key to brand alignment. In this article, we’ll go over 10 stunning brand book examples and ideas that you can use as inspiration for your brand book creation.

1. 8 Amazing Brand Book PDF Examples to Inspire You

(1) Cisco

Cisco’s brand book reveals how its brand is evolving by demonstrating its vision, promise, and history. It emphasizes the Cisco Brand Identity System which includes the brand’s logo, color, typography, and other visual elements. The brand book example clarifies the application of these design elements in various cases, like presentations, brochures, videos, and tradeshows, to build the credibility of the brand.


This brand book PDF carries the spirit and purpose of UNICEF, and presents the organization’s Global Brand Strategy — “for every child”. It makes a detailed introduction to its story, brand definition, new brand strategy, and principles. Aside from its graphic visual guide, the brand book offers guidance on how to convey its organizational values in fundraising and communication.

(3) Relais & Châteaux

As an association of hotels and restaurants throughout the world, Relais & Châteaux created its brand book which is strategically designed to foster alignment among its corporate and regional offices. It is also intended for its members, giving them a comprehensive understanding of the brand. The brand book example highlights the evolution of the logo, an essential design element that mirrors the brand’s growth and progression.

(4) OLD Dominion University

Established in 1930, OLD Dominion University showcases its brand strategy, brand architecture, visual elements, and photography in its brand book PDF to provide the audience with an in-depth insight into its brand. The university takes its logo as the touchstone of its brand and mainly introduces different variants of its logo.

(5) Billon Group

“The symbol is similar to DNA.” The brand book example created by Billon Group explains its logos thoroughly, emphasizing aspects such as color scheme, clear space requirements, and minimum sizing. It specifies the proper usage of each logo variant, maintaining brand consistency.

(6) IUCN

The organization outlines its brand vision, mission, culture, and values in the brand book PDF example. It presents a variety of logo extensions for its members, committees, and partners to use. IUCN creates a simple set of rules governing the placement, size, and colors of its logo to ensure brand alignment in its internal and external communications. 

(7) Foursquare

Foursquare is a free app that helps you search for places you like. Its brand book stresses its elements of visual identity, such as the logo, colors, iconography, and typography. An outstanding feature of the brand book example is the light-hearted and playful tone of voice, revealing the brand’s unique style.

(8) Yolla

The simple brand book PDF introduces Yolla’s logo, colors, and typography. Its logo is the brand’s crucial graphic element and is designed in 3D. It has primary logos and secondary logos tailored for different cases. Yolla offers a rich selection of templates for its visual elements, suitable for a wide range of applications, such as business cards, envelopes, and posters.

(9) Five Guys

Five Guys is an American fast-food chain and expanding rapidly. The brand book example focuses primarily on its mission, core, and story to connect with its customers. By defining its tone of voice and social media strategy, Five Guys wants to align with its crew and keep its brand consistent no matter how big it gets.

(10) Asana

Asana’s brand book gives you an overview of what its brand is about. Its founders mainly showcase the motive, mission, narrative, and attributes of the brand. The brand book example incorporates a brand motif that is more than just a design element. It functions as a powerful tool to improve brand recognition and solidify its identity.

2. 4 Useful Brand Book Ideas to Boost Your Creativity

How to elevate your brand book to new heights? Read the following 4 brand book ideas to make your brand stand out. 

(1) Write a brand introduction

As the starting point of a brand book, the brand introduction is a comprehensive overview of what your brand is. It typically covers a brand’s values, mission statement, and story. Write an effective brand introduction to convey the essence of your brand.

(2) Build a brand voice

A brand voice is closely related to the brand identity. Create a personalized and consistent brand voice to improve brand consistency and ensure efficient communication.

(3) Integrate visual identity

Visual identity is a collection of graphic design elements that differentiates your brand from all the others. It contains components like a logo, color palette, and typography. Build a strong visual identity to enhance brand recognition.

(4) Keep it simple

A clean and simple brand book design is much easier to read and navigate. Avoid putting too much text and design elements on the same page; instead, strive for a balanced and appealing layout. Create a table of contents to help the audience find what they are looking for.

Create An Impressive Brand Book

After creating your own brand book, it will become easier for your workforce to ensure a unified brand image and cohesive brand messaging. I hope you will get insight from the brand book examples and ideas provided above. Flip PDF Plus Pro is an interactive brand book creator that converts brand book PDFs into page-flip ebooks. If you want to elevate your brand book experience, try it out and wow your audience in an innovative way.

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