Using links to navigate a story, flipbooks at their best

In this digital age, more and more people prefer digital publications rather than paper material. This is because digital publications such as eBooks have a lot of advantages over paper books: take less space, easy to store and transfer, easy to access, etc. However, eBook has its own disadvantages. No matter in what kind of format, eBook requires an eBook reader. That means if readers want to read the eBook, they have to download and install third-party software. Besides, there are many different eBook formats and some eBook readers just support specific eBook formats, which means one eBook reader is not enough.

Here at FlipBuilder, we believe that flip books can help avoid the disadvantages of eBooks. With a flip book, readers can access book content without using an eBook reader such as Kindle and GGbook. Instead, they can read the flip book with ease via a browser. What’s more, readers can also read the flip book on their mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone and Android phones. flipbuilder-links

In addition to presenting readers with page flipping effect, flip books help them navigate through the whole book with more options by taking the advantages of links.

1. Table of contents

Table of contents is the main structure of a book; it helps readers search what they want. While reading a flip book, readers don’t need to turn a number of pages to reach the intended page; instead, they can jump to the page with the table of contents.

2. Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the miniatures of the book pages which enable readers to preview the book content more easily. This contributes a lot to the improvement of reading experience.

3. Link actions

The most flexible and impressive navigation tool of a flip book is the interactive link. Imagine that you can add links anywhere you like within the book, that makes it much easier to guide the readers. You cannot only able to add page links to navigate through the book, but also insert web links to other relevant resources. And if you want, you can even add links to trigger an audio, video, flash or photo slideshow to help elaborate your ideas.

Now with flip books brilliantly designed with links, you can tell your story with ease because you enable your readers to navigate through your story without being busy turning pages, but just focusing on the content.


Table of Contents

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