How To Sell Your PDF As A Flipbook?

Have you produced great content that you then want to monetize, but don’t know where to start? Some statistic in Statista shows people are willing to pay for the content they read even if they can get it for free. Don’t worry! You deserve to be paid for your content.

There are many ways to monetize your content, one of which is to convert your content to an online flipbook and sell it.


Why selling your PDF online as a flipbook is a good idea?

Well, here are 5 reasons…

1. Flipbooks are easy to carry and will therefore reach a wider audience. With a flipbook, you can open it without the restriction of space, using your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. The more pages a traditional paper book has, the more space it needs to hold and the less easy it is to carry and store. Imagine having to carry around a 1,000-page traditional paper book, which is a huge hassle. But with e-books, you won’t have to worry about that at all.

2. Flipbook is more cost-effective. Buying an online book often costs less than buying a traditional paper book. Flipbooks do not need to be printed, and therefore save a large amount of money on printing. For the publisher, you can reduce production costs and make a higher profit. For readers, the book can also be purchased at a lower price. Using an online flipbook can be a win-win situation for both publishers and readers.

3. Flipbooks will have more possibilities and foster greater creativity. You can enrich the content of your e-books by adding video, audio, links, and other multimedia content to create an immersive reading experience for your readers.

4. Flipbooks are more convenient. Many flipbooks have a search feature that allows you to enter keywords and locate relevant content in just a few seconds. Readers are also able to zoom in and out of the e-book and change the size of the font.

5. Flipbooks are more environmentally friendly. The printing of traditional paper books requires paper and ink. If you accidentally find that there is a typo or some other mistake, then you have to start again completely, which is undoubtedly a drain on resources. With e-books, this is avoided. You simply overwrite the original file with the modified one, without even affecting your customers’ reading, as the access link remains unchanged.

How to convert your PDF to a flipbook?

If you want to enable the search and copy text feature in your eBook, you need to make sure that the text is copyable and searchable in the PDF. If the text is in the picture, it cannot be searched and copied. You will need to use other OCR tools to convert the picture to text first. 

1. Import PDF(s) or image(s) into the program and wait a second for the book to be generated. PDFs and images (JPG/JEPG/PNG/BMP) are both supported. See guidelines> 

2. Customize the books, according to your preferences, like changing the template&scenes, setting up the book interface/toolbar, and enriching the book with multimedia content.

How to customize the interface of your flipbooks? >>
How to enrich your flipbooks with multimedia content? >>


How To Sell Your Flipbooks?

Here we introduce two most common ways of selling flipbooks.

1. Use the FlipBuilder bookcase to sell flipbooks.

You need to upload your books to the FlipBuilder server, and then sell them in the bookcase. There is an additional fee for this service, which is not included in the cost of the program license. After you have finished setting up your flipbook in the program, you can upload it directly by clicking on “Upload”. Once uploaded, a link will be automatically generated. You can then log in to your account in the online panel and set up your book for sale. Please note that if you are going to sell your book, you do not need to password-protect your flipbooks. When the book is set to sell, the book will be protected and cannot be accessed by others without purchases.

-Upload books in the program

Upload books in the program-sell flipbooks

-Log in to your account in the online panel>>

-Set your book for sale

Currently, you can only set the price in US dollars. Other currencies are not supported.

sell flipbook options

-Complete [E-commerce settings] in your account

Enter your Paypal account that can be used to receive payments, customize the thank-you letter for your customers, and complete your contact information.

E-commerce Settings-sell books

-Enable IPN on your PayPal account
IPN (Instant Payment Notification) is a POST message sent by Paypal (for regular merchant accounts) whenever a transaction is completed on their side. You must enable it on your Paypal account, otherwise your customer won’t receive an order confirmation email after they finish the payment. Our system needs to confirm that you have successfully received the payment using the IPN and then deliver the order information to your customers. You can enter or in the notification URL. More guidelines>>

-Add books to the bookcase and customize the bookcase interface

add books to your bookcase and customer the bookcase interface-sell flipbooks

-Share your bookcase link or embed the bookcase on your website

After you complete the settings above, you are able to share the bookcase link to your target customers or use the embed code to embed the bookcase on your website.


Share bookcases-sell books

To be honest, the current process of selling and buying books may not be very user-friendly. There is plenty of room for improvement, and we will surely make updates to it in the near future.

2. Sell books with WooCommerce

Many people’s websites were built with WordPress. WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress. 

If you also have a WordPress site, you can consider selling your flipbooks using WooCoomerce. We already have users who have successfully used WooCoomerce to sell their books.

One practice from our customer-Kira Shimoni Fulks

This fabulous tool gave a new life to my newly published book THE BOY IN THE BOX (available at, I added audio and can send it around the world in a click of a button. Magic!


-Self-host your flipbooks or host your books on the FlipBuilder server, and then contact WooCommerce customer service to see how to complete the process.

See how to self-host flipbooks>>

There may be some other methods for selling books. We also welcome your suggestions about it. 





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