Käännä/oikoluku monikielinen käyttöliittymä

Flipbuilder on omistautunut valmistamaan parhaat mahdolliset tuotteet. Flip PDF Plus-käyttöliittymä on nyt saatavilla useilla eri kielillä palvellaksemme paremmin eri kieliä puhuvia käyttäjiä. Kääntäjänä voit auttaa oikolukemaan olemassa olevia käännöksiä tai luoda käännöksiä uudelle kielelle (englannista muulle kuin englannin kielelle). Liity ja […]

Kuinka julkaista digitaalinen kovakantinen kirja

With digital books spreading by leaps and bounds, even budding authors find the motivation to come up with their novels with minimal hassles and reach a wider audience of bookworms spread across the world. However, for a beginner or a tech-savvy individual, the entire process of creating and publishing a hardcover book is a little […]

Kuinka luoda digitaalinen lookbook

Static is no longer engrossing. Where dynamic page-flipping style grabs the greatest attention, a digital lookbook software reigns the preference list of every brand trying to publicise their products. Tailored chiefly for the publishers to increase the subscription of their publishings, it empowers not just them but also businesses, trying to reach their target audiences […]

How To Create A Booklet Using The Flip PDF

The idea of a booklet is really straightforward. You can transform draggy presentations, promotional materials into interactive, catchy content that people actually find interesting. So given the stance of your booklets, that can be about brochures, catalogues, prospectus, itineraries, program guides, digital magazines or a strip of comics, any professional or academic digital booklet designs […]

How to Make A Digital Book and Publish Online Using Flip PDF

Have you ever thought about creating your own digital book and publishing it online? If your budget is holding you back, thinking that this sounds expensive, then Flip PDF is your best option.   What Is Flip PDF   Flip PDF is a digital publishing software that enables users to create realistic publications. These include […]